Wednesday, August 02, 2023


 More yard work in our never ending saga.

When we moved into this home 16 years ago, all of the plants and trees were already established.

Roots from some of the trees have become problems.  The roots from our Mulberry tree has been invading our lawn and the concrete border on the tree side.

It has affected the sprinkler system too so we finally bit the bullet, got out 2 chairs and the reciprocating saw and got to work.  At least we were in the shade of the tree.

At last a huge hunk of the roots is finally exposed and cut out.  There is more but we aren't sure where it is traveling.

For now this will have to do...

Besides Us Old Gray Mares ain't what we used to be...😋

This root was underground, at least 6 feet long and heavy...

Its hard to realize what's hidden under the ground.

Thankful we got this done.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my, what a job! I hope this slows down or stops the root invasion!

MadSnapper said...

maybe it will kill the tree and there will be no more roots. I never knew that owning a house could be so much work and money spent. when we were younger it did not matter so much. If i had it to do again I would save as much money as possible and rent during the last years of life, let someone else fret over the outside.
in the early 90's i sold real estate and most of my business was from the Senior Womens Sunday school class. the teacher sold her house and bought a condo and when they all saw how much less work it was, they followed suit.. I became known as the condo queen in my brokers office.

Marie Smith said...

Quite an undertaking, Sue. Well done!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Wow, what a daunting task. How do you even do it? Do you have to dig them out? And how do you know which trees are the culprits?

Babajeza said...

Well done! Now sit and enjoy your garden.

I wouldn't want to miss on big trees even if there are roots. :-)


Wanda said...

Oh Dear!! Who knows what lurks under the ground. Looks like a large snake. We had root problems in Hughson. They messed up the plumming!

I have been wondering about your car situation. Any good word on that. Will continue to pray the Lord works that all out for you.

Michelle said...

Whew....that is a lot of work and I hope the roots don't give you more problems. Thanks for linking up.

Donna said...

They can Really do a number on the plumbing! Glad you got one out!
Don't over-do!

sandy said...

But how great you are still feeling young enough to do all that work. It keeps you young and limber.