Tuesday, March 02, 2021



Our almond tree is really blooming today.

I love the delicate flowers.

Pretty soon the petals will drop and the ground will look like we had a snowfall.

This is such a beautiful time of year!

Saturday, February 27, 2021



Yesterday I did my weekly stint of care-giving for my very long time friend (60 years of friendship)

The day was warm and the sky was so blue.

We went out in her backyard for a while and I noticed that their tulip tree was in full bloom.

Out came my trusty Android phone and I snapped away.

What amazing gorgeous flowers.

My friend only has 20% vision in one eye, so she is enjoying the tactile feel  of these amazing flowers.

And of course..I have to play around a little bit with  an image.

I kind of like the abstract quality of the posterized version.

Happy Weekend...

Thursday, February 25, 2021



I'm posting this one mainly for my yearly photo journal.

This is our older son Steve and hubby Dave eating at a wonderful restaurant in Walt Disney World.

The year is 1994.

We couldn't believe the hamburgers.

They were as big as our heads..

Of course we ate every bit  😁

Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 24, 2021



Wow, the weeks just seem to roll around faster and faster.

Here we are again at the middle of the week...Wednesday...

Actually sometimes I really don't even know what day it is until I look at my calendar 😏

Here's another entry for WEDNESDAY WISDOM.

Have a great day....

Monday, February 22, 2021



I know I promised the answer yesterday but Life just got in the way...

So here I am with the answer to the " WHAT IS IT?"

This is an    OPISOMETER ......

It is a Nautical milage" calculator" for drafting map scales

The roller on the left side of the photo measures the distances on a map and turns the figures from centimetres (German spelling) to kilometres.

Turning the meter over the instrument figures statute miles...kilometers ...and nautical miles

It also has a mechanical pencil.

I have no idea where we got this antique but we are ready to sell it on eBay.

I am amazed how many there are up for sale at the current time.

Thanks for playing along.

If and when it does sell, I will certainly let all of you know.

Saturday, February 20, 2021



My husband and I are attempting to sell "treasures" on eBay.

We are doing okay but as I was taking photos of our items I thought this one would be a good 

one to ask the question  "WHAT IS IT"

to all of you in blogdom.

Any guesses?

Answer tomorrow..

Thursday, February 18, 2021



While going through my "ancient" archives I found a photo from quite a few years ago.

This photo was taken at Walt Disney World.

We had the privilege of going to lunch with Disney artist Peter Emslie.

After eating and chatting for a long time, he brought out his sketch pad 

and did several quick sketches for us.

They are treasured and ours has found its way up on our wall in our spare bedroom.

This photo was taken in 1994.

Pictured are our older son Steve, his wife Sigrid with their first daughter Lauren (baby bump),

hubby Dave, Peter and myself.

Some memories never grow Old.

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, February 17, 2021





Sunday, February 14, 2021



Happy President's Day weekend.

My Photo Club's challenge for this week is Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Since I didn't go any where this weekend I had to come up with something.


I took a Goofy trip in my imagination.

Its even fun to splash in the puddles after the rain.

Desperate  times call for desperate measures...😄

Friday, February 12, 2021


 Happy Chinese New Year!

Its sad there will be no in person parades this year.

Here's to all my friends that celebrate it.

Enjoy Presidents Day weekend also.


Nothing will be any different from any other weekend..😊

Wednesday, February 10, 2021



As part of our tour of San Francisco last Saturday

we visited the Holocaust Memorial at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

What a sobering but magnificently done work of symbolism.

The memorial was created by George Segal out of white painted bronze in 1984.

The single standing man is said to represent the Liberation of Buchenwald.

The 10 corpses are in a Star formation...very symbolic.

The corpses recall post-war photographs of the camps.

Looking out at Freedom

I reversed the positive and negative in the first photo.

I thought it was a fitting comment on the terrors of war and prejudice.

Black and white seemed the best treatment for the horror of the memorial.

Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, February 09, 2021



Here are just a few more shots from our trip to San Francisco last Saturday.

I have one more very poignant series I will post in a few days.

As always , these are mostly for me and my journal memories.

I do hope you can enjoy them too.

We drove through Golden Gate Park and were fortunate enough to see the Bison

at the Buffalo Paddock.

The herd has been there for as many years as I can remember.

This is Queen Wilimena's Garden in the park.

It was just a bit too early for the tulips to be blooming.

It was still wonderful on this delicious, bright and shiny day.

The view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Land's End.

The beautiful grounds of the George Lucas Studios and Pixar Studios.

What a view with the Bridge off in the distance.

We spent some time wandering around in the public areas.

Just wanted to throw this one in too.

Got to prove that my Honey was there too.

Thanks for looking.

Sunday, February 07, 2021



Yesterday was such a glorious day.

Dave and I went with our son and daughter in love to San Francisco for the day.

It was one of those rare days with no FOG...no WIND...and the temps in the low 60'sF.

We got our traditional lunch at Freddy's Sandwich Shop.

Freddy's has been the little corner shop since 1926.

Dave and I have been going there since 1963...Dave and his folks ...long before that.

The very best soft fresh baked sourdough rolls and fantastic Italian meats.

Makes my mouth water just looking at these photos.

The rest of the day was spent "Playing Tourist" and taking a lot of photos.

Here's just a few...  more to come in the next few days.

This last one is from the Marin Headlands...

The clarity was spectacular.

Usually the wind is so strong that it's hard to enjoy the view.

Not yesterday..

A real memory builder...

Friday, February 05, 2021



I'm doing a little Archive Diving today.

No time for a photo shoot...

Life does get in the way of "PLAY" sometimes.

Love this expression 

Maybe that's me looking for some adventure.

I would love to be at Red Rock Canyon, Nevada right now.

Enjoy your day!

I am choosing to "Take the High Road"

That's my mantra for this year.

Tuesday, February 02, 2021



The topic of our Photo Club's challenge this week was the letter S.

That certainly left things wide open for interpetation.

I just couldn't get real motivated nor did I have a lot of time this week to do a photo shoot.

While sitting at "My Desk" aka..the dining room table, I happened to look up at the sun streaming in our patio window.

It was reflecting against some empty water and soda bottles.  The bottles were waiting to be taken out to recycling.

So ...there you go...my challenge pictures for the week.


I would rate these photos at a C-...

But at least I did the challenge.

If every photo is perfection I would probably not even try.

Ever onward..

Taking the High Road!

Sunday, January 31, 2021



It's hard to believe that Dave and I have been together for 57 years.

During semester break from San Francisco State College in 1964 ...

We tied the knot.

The life we have had has made us stronger and it refined our love for each other.

I wouldn't trade any of it!

Good,  difficult  and  everything in between....

Here's to the rest of our lives...

May they be sweeter and even more fulfilling than those in the past.

Love you Dave.



Thursday, January 28, 2021



I am...yes we are...

So thankful for our family.

So thankful to have one of our sons living close enough to come to our rescue.

Steve came over yesterday, in between rain storms, and went up in the attic with Dave.

He brought his big photo light and was able to see all the way over to the chimney.

Yup we had a slow leak coming in.

So he went out side and climbed up on the roof and fixed the tile and flashing.


After things dry out we will fix it more securely.

No money spent at this time and my Hubby didn't go on the roof...

(much to my thankfulness)

Today it is raining non stop and everything is looking good...

So very grateful.  We both slept good last night...

Our hero!

Wednesday, January 27, 2021



Last night Dave and I were in our family room watching TV.

The storm was raging outside...pelting rain and wind gusts up to 55 miles an hour.

It was about 11 pm and I looked toward the ceiling. 

I said hey, that doesn't look right.  The wood on the ceiling has different shades of color


So I get up and look, yup there is dampness and the water seems to be coming in along the seam of the wooden beams.

Thus started a 2 hour saga...with Dave my 79 year old hubby climbing up in the attic and going along the ceiling joists coughing his head off because of the insulation.

He couldn't find the leak but couldn't get all the way over by the chimney.

Thankfully its not raining now but we have to get something done before the next storm rolls in.

There is always something!!

$$$$ will probably be flying out the window soon!!


Tuesday, January 26, 2021


 I thought maybe you would find what my Hubby and I are selling on eBay now interesting.

We sell a great variety of things and I have always found postcards to be fascinating.

I'm not sure where or when we acquired these 4 Hawaiian postcards.

We decided it was time to put them into someone else's hands.

They have been in an album long enough.

This card is a real photograph and dated from approximately 1903

The photographer Edward H. Mitchell was well known for his Hawaiian photographs.

Make sure you enlarge this one so you can see the detail.

These are tourists in the 1890's up on the Hawaiian volcano named Kilauea.

They are scorching their souvenir postcards with the hot burning lava from the volcano.

I love how they are dressed while doing this.

This next postcard is of the Pali Battlegrounds on the Island.

What makes it especially interesting to me are the "Coolies" walking the trail with their

"yokes" of water or supplies.

This is from the late 1890's too.  It sure was a different time then.

This last postcard is of "Hula Hula Dancers" right at the turn of the century.

I believe that is Diamond Head behind them.

The women seem to have shirts on under their leis which helps date it.

The missionaries insisted the women go topless no longer.

Hope you enjoyed these postcards.

I find this type of history fascinating.

Sunday, January 24, 2021



I haven't got a whole lot to say today.

It's Sunday .... we're home ....church is on line .... it's gray and threatening to rain ....

How's your day going?

Digging back into the archives for a bit of brightness.

Keep Smiling

Be Kind