Thursday, August 22, 2019


I'm thankful for God's Bounty.

Bounty over the neighbors fence.

This tree was so prolific this year.

Both sides have more than enough.

Tasty and Juicy....

Oh taste and see that the Lord is good

His mercies are new every morning.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Beautiful models in the water - Fashion Splash 2019

Here is the most recent photo workshop my older son and his business partner did on Sunday.

Take a look and they would love to have you follow them on u tube  too.

Panoptic Chopsticks

The Chopstick Guys

Tuesday, August 20, 2019


Our older son Steve had his birthday in July.

Life got in the way

So it took until last night to celebrate.

Missing some of our family but were able to be with Steve, his lovely wife,

and our granddaughter.

What a delicious meal we had at The Outback Restaurant.

Of course, I was so busy chatting and eating... 

Not a single photo was taken.


Here is a photo of family from some time ago.

Better late than never !!

Love this girl to pieces.

Amanda is beautiful both inside and out.

We did miss having our oldest Granddaughter Lauren there to celebrate her

Dad's birthday.

Monday, August 19, 2019


I went outside this morning and just stood there and breathed in the air.


Because Fall was in the air....

I could feel it , smell it, and almost taste it,

Longer shadows and the earth preparing for the next season.

I know the HOT is returning


I will enjoy this day while I can.

I am blessed.

Friday, August 16, 2019


I was going through some old photos and came upon this one of my Hubby and me.

I believe this was taken at least 50 years ago!

Two skinny, no wrinkles, and our whole life before us, kids....

As I studied this photo I realize how much our oldest granddaughter has my genes.

Have a great weekend...

Wednesday, August 14, 2019


I definitely think these are Words of Wisdom for today....

Have a great day.

Monday, August 12, 2019


Back a few years ago Monday had some certain traditions.

Mainly it was called "Wash Day".

I thought I would share a few photos from 2006.

I can't believe it was so many years ago that Dave and I were there.

Wash Day in Hinche, Haiti.

The locals heading down to the river to wash their clothes.

Oh my aching neck and head !

Laundry on the compound where we stayed.

I am so grateful for clean water and machines that do most of the work.

Be sure to enlarge the photos to see the detail.

How does your Monday go?

Friday, August 09, 2019


Another trip into my archives for Flashback Friday...

June, 2015....

A time with our son Mark in Salem, Oregon.

The long and the short of it !!

I look like I have angel wings....thankful my hips aren't that large now.

The drive home to California...

Mount Shasta

Volcano, up close and personal...

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, August 07, 2019


Just a short and sweet post today.

Wednesday Wisdom:

And for all the Bee Keepers out there...Linda Chapman....

Have a wonderful Day...

Monday, August 05, 2019


Healing more each day and feeling like Hubby and I will get back to "normal" soon.

Or  GALL STONES in our case...(:0)

Happy Monday...

Friday, August 02, 2019


Since the temps today are going to hover around 100+F,

I thought I would post a Flashback Friday photo of my Honey and myself this past Spring.

Cold and Dampish in Oregon.

Praising the Lord...

I think my sweet Hubby has finally turned the corner...

The first real day of improvement since his surgery...exactly 1 week ago today.

I'll also post a gorgeous flower to say PTL and Nature Friday....

Continued prayers most appreciated.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


In light of the things that have been happening since last Wednesday's trip to the ER....

I thought this is the perfect post for Wednesday Wisdom.

Here's the follow up on my dear Hubby...

He is slowly recovering from his gall bladder removal and the infection that went with it.

His agitation from 2 days solid of pain meds and who knows what all was pumped into him,
didn't help the process.

This was all before he finally had surgery Thursday night at 9 PM.

We are taking one day at a time and are so grateful for all the prayers and concern.

Being older sure doesn't make recovery easy...

This too shall pass...

Saturday, July 27, 2019


After we had our wonderful small group potluck...things changed.

By the next morning my dear Hubby was in extreme pain.

Into the ER again, for what turned out to be a gall bladder attack.

Long story short...He had surgery Thursday at 9PM !!!

All that time from Wed. morning till then being pumped full of meds and pain stuff.

They found he had an infection around the gall bladder which added to his misery.

Surgery successful but the meds made him agitated  ....finally home yesterday afternoon...

Now the healing process begins.

I'm pooped so I may not be posting much for a while.

Love this guy and want him back 100%.

Tomorrow is a New Day...

Tuesday, July 23, 2019


I am so looking forward to our Small Group being here tonight.

It's been far too long since last we met.

Tonight is Potluck time...


Always good food and even better company !!

Good times ahead.

Sunday, July 21, 2019


It seems it is either feast or famine....

Either we have nothing much to do but the mundane everyday chores.


We are running in many different directions...some good and some not so good.

Hubby and I began the week having to visit the ER.

Dave experienced chest pain on his right side which radiated to his back'

Being the "considerate" husband (he truly is most of the time),

he didn't tell me and had gone in the living room during the night.

Pain subsided and we, on the advice doctor's decision, spent hours in the ER.

EKG, Xray and blood work showed no heart attack and nothing new beyond his ongoing

health issues.

Grateful for that but not the way I want to spend my day.

We were scheduled to prep and serve at Celebrate Recovery dinner.

Since Dave was feeling well enough we went ahead with that.

We're always tired after the 6 hour shift but always glad to serve.

We finished off the week with a fun potluck dinner at a friends home.

Our Mexico Kitchen Team finally was able to get together and eat yummy food and laugh.

Some of us hadn't seen each other for months.

It was a wonderful way to finish off a sort of stressful week.

And so time marches on...

We will see what the next week brings...(:0)

Wednesday, July 17, 2019



Have a great day !!

Monday, July 15, 2019


I had to go back into my archives.

I finally found several photos of barns in our vicinity.

So many barns are difficult to photograph.

They are in a No Trespass area or there is no place to pull off the road to shoot.

I still love them though. 

The more weathered, the better.

Saturday, July 13, 2019


It has been another very busy week,  with a lot of fun things thrown in for good measure.

This past week was COW APPRECIATION DAY at Chick fil A.

Of course my Hubby and I had to put our spots on to get a free entree there.

It was so much fun to see everyone dressed up and having a great time.

My Hubby and the "diet crasher" meal.

The peach milkshake is my very favorite...

but oh so deadly to my weight.

I did have chicken tenders with it...yummm...

Now that this week has come and gone

It's back down to serious business of behaving myself.

Ugh, it just never stops...

Tuesday, July 09, 2019


A few weeks ago Hubby and I picked a lot of plums from our backyard trees.

I decided to make some banana and plum bread.

We had leftovers of both.


I couldn't get the wonderfully fragrant bread out of the pan.


We had the most delicious "Plum Crumble" with a dollop of Cool Whip.

This is what's left...

Dessert tonight ???

You betcha...

Sunday, July 07, 2019


Oh how I love old barns.

The more rundown the better.

I see so many that I would love to photograph,

But they are too difficult to capture.

There usually is no place to pull off the road to take a picture.

Hope you enjoy this one.

I kind of like the sun flare filtering through.

Enlarging the image will show the detail better.

Friday, July 05, 2019


We were asked to dog sit our Granddogger for a few days this week.

It's always interesting since we don't have any pets of our own.

I'm so grateful for the pleasant weather.  It only was in the 80's F.

Snicker-doodle spent a lot of time either snoozing on my feet

Or getting lost in the color of the carpet...(:0)

She loved laying down beside me while I read out on our covered patio.

I think her shy smile is pretty cute.

She liked to chase the squirrel that "invaded" her space.

I don't think Snicker would know what to do with it if she ever caught it.

13 years old and counting.

Slowing down, as some of us at a certain age tend to do.

She's home now and the house seems strangely quiet.

Thursday, July 04, 2019

Wednesday, July 03, 2019


I saw this little quote on Facebook the other day.

It seems perfect for todays topic.

The English language really is confusing when one thinks about it.

I really don't know how people can untangle the oddities of

i before e

Have a great day...

Monday, July 01, 2019


I was reading my friend Sandra's blog post about step stools.

I too am vertically challenged and need them to reach most things in my kitchen.

Then I got to thinking about my very high bed...

We have a California King bed.

It's too high for me to climb into without a little help.

Hence the step stool.

I sort of feel like the Princess and the Pea story when I go to bed.

This step stool is quite old.  We acquired it from my mother in law.

She had recovered it for us.

I had said in my comments on Sandra's blog that Mother in Law had done needlepoint on it.

Nope not this one.

Here is the one that she did such beautiful work on. 

This one is in our Family Room.

Wonderful treasures to keep in the family.

Friday, June 28, 2019


I just received word that our dear friends precious "puppy" Molly has passed away.

She was such a wonderful dog and would have been 15 in July.

There will always be a hole in our hearts for her.

These were taken back in 2011 at Lake Tahoe, CA.

Oh how she loved to sit on the sand and watch the world go by.

Her "Mom and Dad" will miss her terribly.

This is them at their Happy Place.

We will miss her too.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019


My Words of Wisdom for this Wednesday.....

That's how I feel today !!

Saturday, June 22, 2019


I haven't been on line for the last week.

Hubby and I have been working at our summer camp called Breakaway.

It's like Vacation Bible School on steroids.

Hubby's morning session responsibilities was being on the security team.

I was a part of the snack team, serving some goodies to the "campers" every day.

The total count was 1200 campers and volunteers.

The logistics are a huge undertaking.

One of the snack traditions is PRETZEL DAY.

We serve warmed pretzels that have been slathered in job on this photo,

smothered in cinnamon and sugar, then cut in two and put into individual bags.

Its so messy and delicious.  Nobody wants to miss that day.

This is just a portion of our team, I'm second from the front on the right.

What a great team, lots of laughter and making forever friends.

Friday, June 14, 2019


Here are a couple of photos I found going back into my archives.

The year is 2010.

Our Granddogger...Snickerdoodle...aka..Snicker...

She was such a puppy then.

She still thinks she is tiny and a lap dog   9 years later.

Just a beautiful Iris from 2010.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019


My goodness, the weeks roll around so quickly.

Here we are again at Wednesday Words of Wisdom.

I really like the thought for today.

Have a great day, everybody.

Sunday, June 09, 2019

More Flashback Photos

I decided to post a few more of my Flashback Friday Flea Market photos.

For your viewing pleasure....

I love the crystals hanging against the green of the pond.

Be sure to enlarge the photos to see the detail.

Only an artist would have thought of displaying pewter pots in such a way.

It made me want to buy every one of them.

Delightful balls in a cut glass bowl....

Such a clever way to show them.

A vintage book nestled in a wooden basket with a lone rose.


Here's hoping your Sunday is truly delightful too.