Saturday, June 15, 2024


 I was reading Myra's latest blog post titled ... "Room with a View".

I thought to myself, Yes I am turning into Gladys Kravitz at times too.. ha ha 

My "office" is at the end of our dining room table.  Dave has the official one in our spare bedroom.

The dining room is at the front of our home so my Windows on the World face the street, which fortunately isn't a busy throughfare.

Here's my Gladys view ... 

The worse thing about taking these pictures is the discovery of how smudged and foggy our windows are.. yikes... 

I do have to say I like peeking through the trees unexposed..😊 

As I sit in my chair at my "desk", this is my other view.

To my left its my Galley kitchen and breakfast nook.  Looking beyond that is our backyard bushes.

I do love watching mamas and their kiddos in strollers trotting by and also an occasional dog and their parent.  Just as long as they pick up the deposits after stopping.  Most are nice neighbors about that.

So there you have it..

My View from my Office.

Hope you all have a great weekend and Father's Day here in the USA.

We are going to our sons for Ribs and all the trimmings tomorrow after church.



Sparky said...

Nice views. And I love the dining room table cloth. Very pretty. We'll be right there to join you with the ribs. lol Enjoy! 💙

Marie Smith said...

Happy Father’s Day to hubby! Have a great day, you two.

Mevely317 said...

I'm so glad you did this (post), Sue! Now we get to see what you see! I agree, that tablecloth is super attractive.
Oooh, I love ribs -- especially those made by someone else! Enjoy!

Ginny Hartzler said...

I like seeing part of your home! The ONLY reason I watched Bewitched was just to see Gladys!! She was wonderful! But her story is sad. She worked on the show knowing she was dying. Let's not forget Abner, as well!

MadSnapper said...

I wish our window on the world had trees like yours. I would not be staring at nothing but houses and cars and traffic. before drought we had a view like yours out our front window,now gone with three trees dead and gone over the years.... I miss that so much.

Chatty Crone said...

I wish we had more windows like your house. You house seems serene. Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Rose said...

I think you have a great office...I like mine close to my other work. LOL(Cooking, dishes, etc)

Ribs sounds good...we had chinese and it was delicious!

Wanda said...

Good morning Sue, just getting around to checking in on my blog friends. I love your "views" as I have seen them in person many times. You have a great "office" and wonderful things come from your time sitting there and sharing with all of us.

I've been praying about my "blogging" and trusting the Lord for the time I will begin to post once more. I'm in another "window view right now". Digging deeping into God's Word for more understanding and less milage! God is so good and opening my eyes to new truths in His Word.

We are losing more friends at our age as you posted in your previous blog. Won't heaven be wonderful, seeing all our loved ones with the absence of sin, pain and sorrow!!

Loving you and Dave

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Nice view from your office.
What kind of project do you have going on your dining room table?