Thursday, April 11, 2024


 A few days ago, when the weather finally cleared up, Dave and I went out in the front yard to pull out some weeds.

We have felt like our home looked abandoned compared to the others up and down the block.

We worked really hard in this area and another area but just couldn't finish it..

The "old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be".

We went back out the following day and got to it.

The best thing about being in the front yard is chatting with all of the neighbors as they walk their dogs and pass us.

Dave would tease the people and say something like.."there's plenty of weeds to go around.  Help yourself..its good exercise.."

They would laugh and be on their way.

About 20 minutes after a gentleman and his 2 dogs had stopped and gabbed for a bit, 

He returned  ..  no dogs...

Just He and his GLOVES..

He said hi, put me to work!!

My jaw literally dropped and I said something really intelligent like "Are you Serious???"

He said yes he wanted to help.  He's retired and had been working in his own yard earlier that morning.

He grabbed a hoe and cleared so much weeds .. I felt like crying...

Tim is AWESOME!!!

Now our front yard is presentable and we have acquired a True Friend.

We are Blessed!

As I have said many times

I love our neighbors.



Mevely317 said...

What a guy! I don't understand anyone who really enjoys yard work -- but I sure as heck appreciate them.

One of our best discoveries actually came from a friend in Oregon. He suggested we buy Amine 400, so I went out and found a girly-size (lol) 1 gal. sprayer, added 2 oz. of the Amine .... and a week later? WOWZER. I don't know if this would work for your yard, but it's lots better on my olden back!

Sparky said...

From someone else that does a lot of gardening and yardwork I'll add that is a lot of backbreaking work! Well done. This 'ol gray mare is worn out too. I try to use machinery or equipment whenever possible or let it go these days. That's one of the many advantages of country living. There's no neighbors to really care one way t'other what we do. lol

Sandi said...

A hero!

A good neighbor is no small blessing.

MadSnapper said...

Don't use the weed killer, not safe for critters and pets or the enviroment. i read somewhere that sugar or salt in the dirt will keep the weeds away,of course nothing else will grow there either. God bless all your weed picking neighbors. ha ha.. you are blessed

Michelle said...

How wonderful! Weeding is some hard work and not my favorite chore for sure. Glad you had someone who came back to help. Thank you for linking up!

Karen Jones Gowen said...

What a heartwarming story! God bless that dear man. And now you have a lovely spot to enjoy.

Chatty Crone said...

You do have the best neighbors. I don't know if I would or could do weeds for you. I would need mine done too.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, what a wonderful story! Do you know where he lives? Maybe you could bake him something.

Marie Smith said...

Great neighbourhood!

Debby said...

That’s something my husband would do.
My neighbors pretty much keep to themselves.

sandy said...

What a nice guy ...and it looks good!

Wanda said...

Your neighbor, Tim may be an angel in disguise as a neighbor. However, God surely used him to bless and help you and Dave. I love how God watches over us. An a new friend to boot!