Wednesday, September 06, 2023


 I know I probably bore all of you with my eBay chatter.

I have to admit I'm very excited because of the sales we made yesterday.

Big money for us and that means more "STUFF" out of the house.

We sold a 5 inch antique bisque German doll that needs quite a bit of work on it.

253 collectors looked at it and there was a bidding war.  Final bid was $90.00 

A win/win for us.

Here are several photos of the tiny doll.

There is a big business in doll restoration.

The other item that sold is from our personal Disney collection.

Hated to see them go but what good are they just sitting in a box?

With no place to display was time... Sigh...

These characters are from Disneyland and the Country Bear Jamboree.
That show is now closed which is so sad.
It was one of our favorite shows to see.
Now there's money in our pocket and someone else is going to enjoy them.

On another note, yesterday our youngest granddaughter started high school.
Time marches on .. Slow down!!

That's it for today...
Got to get the packages in the mail.


MadSnapper said...

YAYYY for more sales... so happy for you. since I know nothing about dolls, to me this would have gone in the trash if i had it. seems there is value and so many things no matter what they are. Good luck, hope your streak of sales continues

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, these look like high value collectors items to me, congratulations!

Marie Smith said...

Yay!money in one’s packet is always a bonus when winnowing is involved.

Wanda said...

WIN, WIN, WIN!! Yeah, so happy you were able to sell some of your "treasures". But downsizing and mimimizing is a good thing at our age. And money in your pocket, even better with all the expenses you had lately.

Better to sell and get the money, as most of our "treasures" our kids don want! But ours are not collector items HaHa

You granddaughter has grown into quite a lovely young lady. High Shool!! Oh the memories. First love, first heartbreak, first car, first date.....There are always firsts. First grey hairi, first virocose vein, first buldge around the middle. Things that sag that shouldn't.
Haha Live is full of adventures. Glad to be alive!

Chatty Crone said...

So did you have a starting bid or did you just wait and see? I have one doll I would like to do that with myself.

Time waits for no one for sure! Your granddaughter is pretty.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Way to go on selling those items. You did an excellent job.
Hope your granddaughter has a great school year.

Donna said...

Yeah for Granddaughter!! I still remember my first day of HS.
Glad you now will enjoy the extra pocket money! Can't take it with us...
I still have my Mothers bisque dolls...

Michelle said...

I have considered selling on ebay, but am not sure it is worth the trouble. lol Thanks for linking up.

sandy said...

I've often thought of Ebay business but I don't have much in the way of collectibles. Mostly costume jewelry or things I doubt will sell. I do like to read about your business.

Youngest starting high school. I have three graduating in 2024 and one just turned 21 a couple weeks ago ...then there are more just starting freshman year and on down.