Thursday, May 25, 2023


 First of all, I want to thank all of you for your tender comments on my last blog post.

It means a lot to have friends who understand the aches and pains we all go through sometimes. 😘

I am also so grateful for 3 sales we got on eBay this week.

Sometimes it's hard to believe what people want and sometimes it's also hard to believe what we put up for sale.

This rice bag is from the 1950's and who knows where we got it.

A man in Hawaii collects various rice bags and this one will be a prize in his collection.  $40.00 in our pocket for one fabric bag!

The next sale is this 1956 Elvis Presley Bolo Tie
We had it up for sale at $10.00 
We were hoping to stimulate a bidding war.
A gentleman contacted us and said he would buy it right then for $100.00
I guess you know how long we had to think about that one...
So, it's in the mail and the $100.00 is in our wallet!

Lastly, we have received a bid for this Souvenir Political Coin.
The coin is huge at 3 1/2" and not legal tender.
Its from the Byran vs. McKinley election time of 1898
It will sell... bid is $100.00 now
Hopefully it will go higher in the next 5 days when the auction is finished.

We are so thankful for the sales since it has been a rather dry spell for a while.

What are you thankful for?


Sandi said...

Thankful for so much. My kids. My husband. Chocolate, coffee. Jesus 💙

People will buy anything. Put a higher price on it and they will buy even more! True.

Wanda said...

Yeah and Yeah!! One mans garage stuff....anothers treasure. So very happy for these sales.

Bring on some more!!!

MadSnapper said...

I am thankful your items are selling and putting cash in your pocket. yay!!! who knew a rice bag was something to keep. I am out of luck because I keep NOTHING, and now am wondering how much cash I tossed or donated or gave away... mother used to buy bags of rice back in the 50's, I remember the bags. oh well. good thing you saved these items

Marie Smith said...

Hope the sales go even better on the open item.

Donna said...

My life...Jesus...all because God had a vision, so long ago.

Michelle said...

I love seeing that you are having success with ebay. I have thought about selling on there, but just haven't done it! Thanks for linking up.