Monday, January 30, 2023


 Just when we begin to think that we are making some progress in the financial department..

Along comes another problem.

Saturday evening we were going to check out the route i was going to drive to an appointment.

Dave was going on the freeway but asked if I was more comfortable going on the local streets.

I said yes local streets are easier for me.

So we started on our way.

I asked why he was slowing down in such an illogical place, 

he said I'm not ... the car just lost all power.

Fortunately we coasted to the side of the road in a wide service lane.

Could not start it for anything.  There was an AutoZone store a long block away, so Dave thought maybe we were out of oil.

Bought the oil but it didn't help at all.


We called AAA and a terrific guy came out with the long bed tow truck.

We had it towed to AAA service which was close by.

Of course, it was after their closing time of 5PM and they were closed on Sunday.

Singing praises for our son Steve being home and close enough to come and get us.

We only have one OLD car and when that dies, we have nothing.

Today, Monday, AAA called and are going to do diagnostic tests and we will go from there.


I wonder how much more money will fly out of our empty wallet.

We gotta have wheels!!!

Trying to be positive, but its difficult.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my goodness! Let us know what the mechannic says. You are blessed that you were not on the freeway, and it did not slow down and cause a wreck! If a car is going to break down, gently is the way to go. Or NOT go. We only have one car as well, but we are in the minority it seems. The norm now seems to be two or three cars per family.

MadSnapper said...

So sorry for the break down and so glad you chose to to take the back streets and not the interstate. Prayers for it to be something easy to fix that will not break the broken bank. Only 11 more months in this year! We know about old cars, but we do have 2 old cars.

Marie Smith said...

I hope the damage is not too bad, Sue! Take care!

Anni said...

Pray it's fixable & financial help is on its way!!

Wanda said...

Oh my goodness, you have certainly had your share of trials and tests this year. I hope the test is a minor repair and not a one of those major ones. I was really happy when the FedX truck rear ended me a couple years ago. They totaled the car, and the insurance cover some of the cost, and we had just received our stimulis checks and that really helped to get a newer used car. I will pray the Lord will cause the difficulty to become a blessing.

If I were a rich man.....unfortunately I'm I will pray.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

It's like reading my post The Good, the Bad and the Ugly for our trip to Houston.TX. I'm so sorry to hear this. Praying it is a simple fix.

Michelle said...

So sorry to hear this. I hope all works out well.