Tuesday, May 10, 2022


 Saturday we finally decided to put our new light fixture up in our dining room.

Since I use the end of the dining room table as my "office", there was lots of things that had to be moved and "piled" around the room.

We're having our Bible Study group over tonight and then son Mark and family will be here after our Granddaughter's wedding.

So lots to prep for.

Dave's not an electrician and it seems the older we get ...the directions are more confusing.

Its like learning a new language.

We managed to get the old light down, circuits off and proceeded to figure out how to get the new Thing up.

Dave and ladders with his kind of gimpy leg is difficult.  Either he was too low or too high and couldn't see what he was doing clearly.  The rewiring wasn't fun either.

Conclusion brain storm of Dave.  Move the heavy maple kitchen table into dining room.  Perfect height for Dave to get up on it ...then he put the fixture box up on the foldout part of the ladder, hence we could rest the fixture on it.  I had been trying to hold the fixture up with my arms way over my head, so he could attach it.  It wasn't a wonderful time to say the least.

I won't go into the hours it took us because things just wouldn't connect the way they were suppose to.

Finally there was "success" and I went out and flipped the circuit breaker..Nothing...Nada...Nope!!

Two very pooped, upset, disappointed people.  Said that's it.  We'll talk to someone at church tomorrow and see what we can do.

Next day all the wiring had come loose and the light bulbs were loosened too.  I think there was a gremlin in our house over night.

Dave went back up on the table..while I was at the store so I have no photos...

Re did everything...I came home and flipped the switch, still nothing... THEN..Dave turned the light switch in the wall to "on" and ...

We have LIGHT !!!!

Well.. DUH   ...   Turning on the light switch is a GOOD idea.. (:0)

Love and patience but darn we are getting too old for this kind of thing!

Arms over the head and heavy light fixtures isn't the greatest combination.

This was before hauling the maple table into the room.

About ready to give up on the whole thing!

Yesterday...We have light...

you can see the maple table below the light and the box we ended up resting the fixture on...

Now we have to put the room back together again.

Thanks for plowing through this Saga with me.  We still have to get the final ceiling mount cover in place, but at photo time I was at the end of my patience and my arms were aching ..so what you see is what you get.


jel said...

glad ya got your lights back on,

MadSnapper said...

still laughing at the light switch... its the simple things that grab our senior minds or DON"T grab our senior minds. It is really pretty and glad it is up and working, IF you flip the switch... anything to do with wiring makes me crazy. always afraid he might burn the house down

Linda said...

Doing just about anything seems to be a struggle these days! Congrats on hanging in there and finally seeing the LIGHT!!! Hahaha! Sandra would be proud of me!!! I made a PUN!!!

Marie Smith said...

We find as we are aging, everything is harder than it ever was. You did well to get that done, without accident. I have been cleaning windows. It feels like an endless task now. I divide it up over several days doing front and back and various levels of the house. It is brutal getting up and down on the step ladder. This aging is not for the faint of heart. Then again it is a privilege to be a senior!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Oh my, that was a lot of work. The fixture looks great.

Hootin' Anni said...

Sounds like the two of us!! The last thing we did was the balast on the kitchen light...no power, dark room. Bud on ladder and me holding a flashlight that got heavier by the minute! I'm glad you got it done & remembering to turn the wall switch on!­čśé

Ginny Hartzler said...

What an edge-of-the-seat saga. I'm just glad you are both alive and well!

Rose said...

I feel your pain! I am glad you finally had success.

Ruth Hiebert said...

The end result is a beautiful fixture. I really like how the new light looks.