Monday, November 12, 2018


Last Thursday the deadliest and most devastating fire began just 120 miles from us.

Our Nieces and Nephew and their families are directly in harms way.

As of this evening they have all evacuated and are staying safely with family and friends.

The outcome of their homes and property is unknown at this time.

It does look like perhaps 2 families have lost their homes.

One niece worked at the Feather River Hospital as a nurse.

The hospital is totally destroyed but everyone was evacuated from it.

The photos I took of the air quality 120 miles from the conflagration show how bad it was getting.

It only got worse later in the day.

One can taste the air and our clothes smelled from only a few minutes outside.

Our home at 3:30PM.  The sun was a big orange and brown ball.

The photo doesn't even show the thickness of the smoke in our backyard.

Looking down the street in our front yard.

You can see how the smoke is just hanging in the air.  It was touching the ground.

Enlarge the photos to see it better.

A friend posted this picture of the Pacifica, CA. pier.

This is the city we used to live in. 

It's the San Francisco Bay Area.  15 miles from San Francisco.

That makes it 3 1/2 hours from the "Camp Fire".

Camp Creek is the name of the area where Paradise, CA is ...was...

99.9% of that beautiful old town is GONE!!

It's so hard to believe how fast the fire roared through the area.

Continued prayers appreciated and when I learn anything I will update.


Ginny Hartzler said...

This is just awful. My prayers are with all of you! Is it heading in your direction?

Sandra said...

this devastating fire is just to horrible for words. I am happy your family is safe and accounted for and praying that they will find the over 200 that are still missing. I can't even imagine a whole town completely gone.. I have been praying for rain to aid in putting out these fires and a ceasing of the wind that is powering them.

Marie Smith said...

Had to visit to check in with you at this devastating time. Hugs! I will check back. Stay safe!

Shammickite said...

I got my USA map book out yesterday to see exactly where Rocklin is, and to see how close you are to Paradise. I've been watching the news about the fires with horror, so many homes destroyed and so many people missing, it's horrible. The whole town of Paradise is gone, I can hardly believe it. I hope that your family will be OK. I can't imagine losing your home and all your posessions to a fire that is sweeping through the countryside.