Thursday, November 08, 2018


When most flowers are drying up  and falling to the ground,

This time of year brings some delicate bell shaped flowers to enjoy.

The Manzanita bush aka...tree...outside my dining room window is blooming.

The best thing about these blossoms is what it brings into view.

The bees love them and are back and buzzing.

The hummingbird flits and drinks for each bell.

The tiny Phoebe Birds come about 10-15 at a time,

Bounce on the branches and eat whatever it is that they eat,

And are on their way.

The Hummers and Phoebes are too darn fast to ever get a shot through

my smudgy window.



Sandra said...

I have heard the name of these flowers but not seen them. so beautiful. and I love the thought of what they draw to them. natural beauty and wild life, nothing could be better

Ginny Hartzler said...

This is GORGEOUS and mysterious. I have never heard of or seen it! It must be kind of rare, or else will not grow around here.

Marie Smith said...


Wanda said...

What a lovely photo. Will email you in response to your message. Prayers are being lifted to the Father.