Saturday, July 07, 2018


This is not the best year for fruit in our yard.

In fact it is practically non-existent.

This is our total crop of fruit !!

There are a few bunches still on the vines.

Hopefully we will get them picked in a few days...

If the robins don't get to them first.

There are still a few green ones in the mix but we just had to try some of them out.

Several more hot days should do the trick for the remaining "crop",


Ginny Hartzler said...

It may not be many, but they look perfect! And enough for several snacks for both of you.

Sandra said...

this is so sad, but they are beautiful and look delish to me. I have heard the crops all over the USA are not doing well, drought, floods, fires etc... weather gone wild is not good for the crops... and I fear for the wildlife, in CO there is a water shortage for the wildlife which creates food problems... these are beautiful grapes

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