Thursday, June 28, 2018


Got good news just after I whined about my gall bladder surgery being in September.

The surgical scheduling nurse called and said there was an opening on July 9th.

Did I want it??  Of course I jumped at the chance.

I am so glad.  the time will fly by.

My Honey and I went to the Lazy Dog Restaurant to celebrate.

Good food but slow and not very good service.

Have a great weekend.


Sandra said...

Thank you Lord for this good news.. So happy. the 9th will be here next week in a flash... only 5 days to the 4th and a few days later gall bladder GONE...

Sandra said...

I gave up ironing the day I retired, 12 years and the iron has not been used. we don't use the tub, only the shower so no scrubbing, I just spray it and rinse it, we both use the shower in my bathroom. I do hate scrubbing anything

Ann said...

Well good luck on that surgery!!!! Is micro surgery? I didn't have any trouble recovering, hopefully you won't.