Saturday, April 21, 2018


After our trip to Sutter's Fort last Wednesday.

I got to thinking about the only other time we visited the Fort.

The date was 2007.

We hadn't even moved to the Sacramento, CA area yet.

The following photos are from our visit with our older son and family.

I love these photos.  Our redheaded granddaughters are so young.

How times have flown by.

I really like the reenactments all over the Fort grounds.

Amanda helping do laundry.

Prepping the cannon to be fired on the hour.

Granddaughter Lauren ringing the bell for the flag ceremony.

Barrels for water.

A view from the inside.

Thanks for looking at my jaunt down memory lane.


Sandra said...

11 years makes a huge difference especially from childhood to adult.. i love all the costumes they wear to make it appear we have stepped back into time. i love reenactments but do not want to go back and live there.

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