Thursday, January 25, 2018


I looked out my window a few hours ago and saw this ominous dark cloud.

The sun was shinning so brightly in our neighborhood.

My first thought was, must be snowing in the mountains to the North.

I think it must be snowing there.

Don't forget to enlarge this to get the full picture.


Ginny Hartzler said...


Sandra said...

that is a lot of beauty to see outside your window. we are used to clouds like this and sunshine, but ours is not snow but fronts or rain clouds. the sun will be just like this sunny and off in the distance black clouds. in your case there are mountains and snow in ours it is almost always rain that we pray will come to us.

Wanda said...

Beautiful shot Sue.... I'm missing you! Not on computer or fb much. Have taken on a teaching class on Wed nights with the children. A new program called Kids Time. I have 4and 5 year old in one session, and 1 and 2 graders in another. Needed to get back into "serving" again, and I'm really loving it.