Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Our few days of rain has brought out the moss in all its glory.

The sun, at the perfect late afternoon angle, highlighted this rock perfectly.

It seems that all of our fruit trees have seen better days.

This poor peach tree really shows its age.

I have to admit that the lichen on the trunk is pretty though.

I don't think there is any hope in saving it.

It makes me very sad.

Rain is predicted this weekend with heavy snow in the mountains.

We need it badly but it will keep us from working in the yard.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Very pretty! You would think it is spring there. At this point, I'll take anything green.

Sandra said...

I did not know peach trees got that big. the few i have seen were short, maybe 10 feet and spindly. like in a grove. that moss looks like a beautiful teeny tiny forest growing on the rock. the big rock. sorry about your week end.

Wanda said...

My dear Sue...I'm so used to seeing you on fb, I sometimes forget you also blog. Goodness I do love these pictures and feel sorry for that old peach tree. Some days I think I'm an old peach tree. Don had his pacemaker 6 mo. check last Friday, and it recorded some episodes that lasted longer than they should, so he's on a new medicine. We are hoping the insurance covers it...yikes..why do these prescriptions have to cost and arm and a leg? The generic is really not that good so we are hoping it's covered. Find out tomorrow. In the meantime. All is well...just very busy with life. Teaching children on Wed. nights now. The little ones K ~ 1st and 2nd. Loving it. Don and Michel attend service while I'm with the children. Feels good to be back in a service role. Love and Hugs!! PS spending less time on fb so if you don't see any likes etc, or comments...it's just cause I'm not there.

Shammickite said...

I think the peach tree is on it's last legs with the shelf fungus growing on it, but you may be able to save it if you go to a tree doctor. And I do like rocks with moss growing on them.

Linda said...

I popped over to meet you! Thank you for your visit to me. I'm going to be your newest follower! Wanda and Sandra are two of my favorite people - and Ginny!!

Lisa said...

Im a new follower as well.
Your photos are beautiful. I Like how the mushrooms hang on the tree like tiny awnings.

DawnTreader said...

It makes an interesting photo, but perhaps not so good for producing peaches? Good luck!

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