Thursday, May 16, 2013


My dear friend Bev (that I met through our blog posts) called
We got to talking about my trip to Kenya a few years ago.
Bev is now sponsoring  a child through Compassion that lives
around the same place we visited and lived for several weeks.

My heart will always be there with these beautiful people.
How I wish we could return and wrap our arms around them again.

I have shown this photo before but I wanted to again.
It shows what sponsoring a child through Compassion can do.
Solomon was sponsors as a little boy and he was able to have an
He graduated from college and now is running a Compassion
School in Namuncha, Kenya.

When I look at this photo taken while we were there,
it makes me think about our own sponsored child Yiamat.
This little girl pictured would be about 3years old.
The girl we sponsor is now 6.  She is from the same tribe that we
lived with three years ago.

Makes me wonder......

Here is our precious Yiamat.
Our desire is that she grow strong and healthy
and learn to love the Lord.
Someday we will meet her,
whether it's on this side or the other.
$38.00 a month is money well spent.

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MadSnapper said...

the photos are just so touching, all the way to the bottom of my heart. what a wonderful thing you are doing, sponsoring the little girl. thanks for sharing this and i had not seen any of the photo's before. i love the one of the 3 little boys

Steve Finnell said...

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Ginny Hartzler said...

This is such a wonderful thing to do, and these people are beautiful, not just outside but they radiate it.

Dsole said...

Wow, it should had been such an incredible experience!
It is nice when you stop doing your things and take a moment to think about one little person who is living that far away from you... It is nice, yes.

Hilary said...

Such beautiful people.. these lovely subjects of your post and you and your hubby who give so much of your hearts to help. You're a gem, Sue.

LC said...

It is so inspiring to see how love in action multiplies. Every blessing to you and your partner in giving.

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

I did the sponsoring through having big cook outs. Did it for the Deaf Children in Kenya.

TexWisGirl said...

a big heart full of love you have. congrats on your POTW!

Tabor said...

These pictures certainly tell the story of a dignified and hopeful people who only want to be a part of this earth in a fair and honest way. Congrats on your POTW.

Sujin said...

Africa is the place I always wanted to visit. It's nice that you had this nice chance to visit there and I think what you are doing with confession is really worth. As a Korean, I always wanted to help the poor kids in North Korea as well. Helping other people is very decent.

Sherry Ellis said...

Those are beautiful pictures. I'm glad you got to meet the children you sponsor. I hope to do that someday with mine.