Saturday, May 11, 2013


All these photos are my take on
This is a project called The Creativity Project which has a
different theme each month.

From Church stained glass windows

To Flamingos "planted" in someone's yard

New York City skyscraper street view

Humanity occupying every square inch of Times Square

"Sitting" and observing the world going by

New and Old

The sidewalks of New York

Drive By photography

Cobblestone streets of New York.
I think it looks like a movie set.

Getting ready to do a concert and then parade down Main Street,

Family walks

Even the garbage can on the street corner is pretty in it's own way.

Thanks for this challenge Becky of Life with Kaishon.

You can see her fabulous photography by clicking on the Favorites
link on my sidebar.

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MadSnapper said...

these are awesome, I love the donkey's waiting for a "ride" by the side of the road, like hitch hiking donkeys and the last one of the trash can is my second favorite. i would love to take my camera to NYC that is real street photography at it's best.
have a happy mothers day. and we were both blessed to have wonderful mothers, not every one can say that. in fact i know a lot of people who did not have that, and that include my husband.

Alice said...

The new is old one is something I would probably have stopped to photograph:)

Ginny Hartzler said...

I love your new and old...the old is just as pretty!! And the sweet little burros. The church window, SO different from most!! Modern, maybe not as intricate and pretty as the older ones.

Scarlett said...

Thank you for sharing this blog post Suzan, i enjoyed browsing through all your photos! thanks for taking on our monthly challenge on Street Photography.

Hilary said...

I like them all.. there are some fine city shots but the one I like best.. which speaks "street photography" to me is the one of the men on break. That would also make a great black and white image.

imac said...

I like a bit of rust,lol.
Great shots my friend

Unknown said...

I LOVE these. I am so thankful you took time to make this awesome page and show us your streets. You are the best : ).

Unknown said...

The Drive by Photo really does look amazing in black and white! You've inspired me to take my camera with me today to see what I can capture!