Thursday, April 11, 2013


Yesterday my Hubby and I took a little Day Trip to the Sutter
Buttes area of California.
The weather was so warm and spring-like.
You can see the Buttes rising up behind the fertile pastures.

The two lane road with little easement on the side made taking
photos a bit challenging.
If you enlarge this picture you can see the bucolic sheep grazing
in the lush field.

The day was a bit on the hazy and smokey side but I was so
fascinated by the volcanic rocks spewed over hill and dale, I just
had to take a picture.

Taking photos from a moving car isn't recommended but it was
that or nothing.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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Sandra said...

they are all three beautiful photos, the cow looks lonely and the sheep there are MANY... a nice pastoral scene. i like that stone fence and also the other fence. great finds on your outing.

imac said...

Nice shots and a good day was had by you all.

imac said...

Nice shots and a good day was had by you all.

LC said...

Better through the window than not at all because now I am enjoying your scenic excursion. Thanks for making it possible for this reader to tag along.

Ginny said...

Gosh, it almost looks like Ireland!!

Wanda said...

Love that you and Dave do datenights and day trips...Keeps marriage fresh and exciting.

Anonymous said...
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Kansas Bob said...

Warm and Spring like - I like that Sue!

Hilary said...

As your wonderful photos show, taking photos from a moving vehicle can indeed be recommended. Some of my favourite images were "drive-by shootings." It is however not recommended to take photos from a moving vehicle if you're also doing the driving!

Judy SheldonWalker said...

Sometimes nature is so beautiful but time and space does not allow us to pause and snap but your photos are wonderful and like you said it was that or nothing.