Monday, November 25, 2013


As we arrive at THE letter " T " on our TRIP around The alphabet,
THE obvious choice for me is THE THANKSGIVING season.

Wishing all of you, whether you celebrate THE holiday or not,

a TIME of reflection and a TIME  TO count your blessings.

THIS was our TURKEY in all it's deliciousness last year.

I have THE  TWENTY pounder THAWING in the fridge
waiting to be roasted THIS  THURSDAY.

I can hardly wait for THAT wonderful fragrance TO fill our home.

Last year THE  TREE in our front yard was showing off it's
dazzling colors for all TO see.

Same TIME  THIS year....


A little rain

A little wind

Now a carpet.

I will leave you with THESE hand carved pilgrims I bought years

THEY are so homely THAT  THEY found THEIR way into
my heart.

I drag THEM out each year.

THEY help me to be THANKFUL for all THE blessings I have.

Remember TO  THANK our abc TEAM for THEIR hard work
in making THIS link possible.

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LC said...

Such a happy Thanksgiving post. I laughed when I saw the first image. This ABC day choice of photos was Terrific. They brought happiness with them, a wrlcomed prelude to a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you are back to feeling good.

May your Thanksgiving be full of joyful celebration of God's blessings. As you celebrate remember that you are one of his blessings to me.

Wanda said...

I wonder how many of us will use Thanksgiving for our "T" word.
I too have a couple of carved pilgrims I got in Boise on our trip. Just love them. They will be on my post Wed. BTW, I would have bought your little pilgrims, too, they are so homely they're cute!

Ginny said...

Your tree is gorgeous! We have one just like it a few houses down, what is it? Your turkey makes my mouth water. I hope those chipmunks get some of it!

Sandra said...

i love both of your pilgrim couples... the ones with the fork is adorable... this weather is certainly different for most of the states, snow for Christmas. but the second photo really makes that tall cedar tree stand out... i love those trees and we don't have them here. when we used to cook a turkey we always bought a 20 pounder, so now i am smelling yours just thinking about it. but for the past 3 years since it is just the two of us we eat out... and i am loving that since i do not like to cook at all. i do like to eat what others cook though. have a blessed and happy thanksgiving

Roger Owen Green said...

Thank you for participating each week!

Rajesh said...

Great choice of words and nice images. Happy Thanksgiving.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you for your thoughtful post. I wish you a happy thanksgiving!
I understood that it is not always the same day to celebrate Thanksgiving, although always in November.
Good tradition.
Wil, ABCW Team.

Leslie: said...

Wow! Your turkey looks scrumptious with that crispy skin! Love your photos as usual and wish you and yours a very happy Thanksgiving! We have ours in October.

abcw team

Leovi said...

These photos are wonderful, I love that fun couple!

Anonymous said...


Happy thanksgiving.

Marcy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! loved your turkey post :)

T is for...

Hilary said...

Very clever and enjoyable as always. I hope your turkey dinner is every bit as tasty as expected. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Sue.

Carver said...

Great T post. Happy Thanksgiving!

ChrisJ said...

I love the hand-carved pilgrims. They're so ugly they're normal! Your tree was spectacular last year. We've already had two Thanksgiving dinners this year -- one at church and one with our son's in-laws (such a great family time!) But we are still planning on having another one on Thursday, but I won't be cooking it. I'll do that at Christmas.

Hildred said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Your turkey looks quite magnificent!

Indrani said...

Great post for 'T'. You have awesome collection of hand carved items. They look cute.

Hazel Ceej said...

That Tree needs a winter coat. Love the carpet of red and brown leaves.


jel said...

very cool post!

happy Thanksgiving!

Joy said...

I love that first couple, looks as though they might be standing amongst your leaves! How interesting to learn that a pair of pilgrims is brought out at Thanksgiving. It is is a wonderful symbol to meditate upon while giving thanks.

Ni de Aqui, Ni de Alla said...

Hi,I love your thoughtful writing, and your pictures are fantastic! Happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Love the handcarved couple. Wow, you'rs doing the works, eh, for Thanksgiving? Have a happy one!

Obsessivemom said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too. We don't celebrate it here but I love this concept. Wonderful post.

Jane of Levant said...

Lovely blog - I especially like the two rabbits - they remind me of our Beatrix Potter stories - pictures as always are very good - have a great Thanksgiving - Jane UK

Ann said...

We will eating our turkey and extras this evening. The chipmunks picture is too adorable.

Julie from Bayside said...

Thank you, Suzy!