Monday, July 28, 2014


Today is my First Born's Birthday.

I am so blessed to have wonderful men in my life.

Steve is a man of integrity, determination and creativity.

He loves his family and sets a great example.

Steve puts God first and has wisdom beyond his years.

Happy Birthday Steve!

We love you.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Lovely colors and the sweetest scent for your midweek viewing.

Make sure you enlarge the photo to see the detail more clearly.

Thursday, July 17, 2014


Today marks 5 years since we went to Namuncha, Kenya.

We truly miss the place and especially the beautiful Maasai people.

I just need to share some of the photo memories with all of you.

Many of them you perhaps saw before

but they are fun to share again.

The Maasai girls danced and sang for us as well as some of the mothers.

There is just something about their voices that gives me chills.

The first photo shows our sleeping quarters out in the Bush.

The other 2 are where we lived in The Great Rift Valley.

As you can see, not too much grows there and everyone in East Africa is experiencing a severe drought.

Living conditions are not easy.

Eunice baked over an open fire.

The chapatti (bread) was so tasty.  We had it for dinner each evening.

I really enjoyed working along-side the Maasai women as we sifted gravel for the mud cement.

The cement was going on the walls of the community building.

The first photo of this series is Mary.

She was so shy but spoke very proper English.

She reached out and touched my hair and said it was soft.

It took a lot for her to do that and it just made me love her more.

Hiking on the rocky, thistley soil was a challenge for us tender footed people.

Note the little guy walking with shoes.

Hubby and myself with Maasai friends and team mates.

The Elder Solomon looking at my digital pictures.

This is my favorite photo of Solomon.

His sweet smile just warms my heart.

Someday I really hope to see him again.

Monday, July 14, 2014


I love living on the edge of Suburbia and Ranch /Farmland.

After a trek out to a disappointing peach farm open house,

We decided to just wander for a while.

This barn caught my eye and we fortunately had a place to stop on the side of the road,

so I could take a few photos.

Don't forget to enlarge the photos to see all the detail.

I like the old wagon wheel and tall weeds around the place.

Couldn't capture the bees that loved the thistle.

Loved the color among the weeds.

Thanks for stopping by.

I always welcome comments and will return the favor.

Thursday, July 10, 2014


I decided to put my two cents worth into The Creativity Project this month.

The theme is Glass...under, behind, through....

It should be interesting to see everyone's take on the theme.

I had to dive into my archives for a few photos.

This one is from the Ghost Town of Bodie, CA.

I felt like the memories of people long ago were lurking behind those panes of glass.

I call this one...

On the outside - looking inside - at the outside......

Love this glass sphere and all of its colors.

Now be sure to go to Pam's post to see how she has posted the theme.

If you go to my sidebar and click on Pam Doughty at the top of the list

the link will take you to her post.

You can also click on the link The Creativity Project on my sidebar.

Monday, July 07, 2014


ZOWIE how did we get to the end of the alphabet so quickly?

This is it... the letter " Z "

This silver saddle was won by Walt Disney in the early 1930's.

A $2.00 raffle ticket made it his.

It was too heavy to be used for practical purposes but it was used on

ZORRO'S horse, Tornado, for close ups when the series was filmed for television

in the 1950's.

Hubby and I are having a wonderful time with our boys and their families this week.

Here is my ZANY younger son.

Multiply that by 2 and you have the ZANIEST brothers around.

They sure have more ZIP and energy than I do.

Of course when you add the daughters in law and cousins into the mix it makes for a


And so this is ZED....

The end.....

After 7 years of posting for the ABC Wednesdays series every week,

I feel in need of a break.

I will still be posting my own blog "stuff",

Just not on a consistent basis.

I'm sure I will pop back  to see all of the wonderful posts

at ABC Wednesday,

but for now

Its so long.....

I'm not going to end the sentence with a period

That's too final


see you later.....

Monday, June 30, 2014


Welcome to ABC Wednesday.

The letter is "Y".

It's hard to believe that we have come to the end of YET another alphabet go around.

This first photo is our YOUNGER son and his new bride 16 YEARS ago.

They are celebrating their anniversary on July 4th, the U.S.A.'s birthday.

The next 5 photos I have entitled " YOUTH".

Last Saturday our son and our YOUNGEST Grandchild ran a race called

The Dirty Dash.

And they're off......

YOU have probably guessed why it's called The Dirty Dash....

YIKES.....Mud everywhere.

Slogging in mud must be exhausting.

Does this look like something YOU would like to attempt?

And they crossed the finish line!

Mission accomplished!

I'm sure there was lots of YELLING and hooting and cheering as they

completed the 5K mud run.

Too many YEARS have come and gone for me to attempt this "Fun".

Be sure to check out what others have posted for the letter " Y ".

YOU-all come back now...YA hear?

Monday, June 23, 2014


WELL, last WEEK'S letter " W " on ABC WEDNESDAY has come and gone.

I WILL try to make it up by WORKING a few W photos into this WEEK'S mix.

Today WE are concentrating on the letter " X ".

I think this first picture is self eXplanetory.

Of course so is this sign.

"X" for the Railroad Crossing.

This is WHAT has been keeping me so busy lately.

I am again volunteering for our Church summer camp called Breakaway, 

The Big Adventure.

Everything is oversized.  Lot's of fun and lots of WORK.

We baked, spread melted butter, topped with cinnamon and sugar and bagged 2200

pretzels.  The kitchen smelled so good.

One of the eXtremely gratifying things our Church does is it includes everybody.

Every special needs kid has their own buddy and they can do any activity offered.

Don't you love the eXpression on his face?

He is having the time of his life.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to WEAR the campers out and the volunteers too.

Even in our  drought we managed to have lots of WATER eXcitement  for all.

Of course all this fun is intermingled with wonderful Bible stories and plays.

Thanks for letting me share my busy time with you.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


Hubby just picked the first of our plums from our tree.

I'm looking forward to making some coffee cake from the next batch.

This bunch is just for savoring every drippy mouthful.

Monday, June 09, 2014


Welcome to ABC Wednesday and the letter " V ".

This is Snickerdoodle our "Granddogger."

She's a Labradoodle and full of spunk and far more energy than I have.

This is how she spends her VACATION with us.

Snicker loves to sleep under the table and especially on top of my feet while I'm there.

My son commented that no wonder she's so full of energy.....

We have her charging her batteries while she sleeps!

Hope you all can have a wonderful VACATION this summer.....

Maybe catching some shut-eye like our crazy Granddogger.

Friday, June 06, 2014


My Granddaughter and Grandson's graduations are all finished.

One leaves High School and the other begins High School in the Fall.

Where does the time go?

Summer is officially right around the corner....


Its already begun.

The Temps. are hitting 100F. today and by Sunday it will be 104F.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay cool.

Don't forget to enlarge this photo.

Its such a pretty tulip.

My kids gave it to me for Mother's Day.

Monday, June 02, 2014


I UNDERSTAND that today is Monday.

I decided to post my ABC Wednesday, letter " U " anyway.

You might ask what Spiderman has to do with the letter " U "?

I saw this character on a little boy's UMBRELLA.

Aren't the colors and design perfect for a kids UMBRELLA?

Going along with the "hero" theme of the first 2 pictures is my friend Jim.

He was the ULTIMATE Superhero wannabe for our Church Ministry Fair.

Jim was definitely Superman that day.

Perhaps he would be able to leap tall buildings at a single bound, or scale the Bridge.

I think we will have to look UP.

You never know what one will see looking UPWARD.

Of course, if one eats the UNUSUAL funny mushrooms

perhaps we could be the Superhero too!

Now don't forget to peruse the ABC Link to see what others have UPLOADED

for our trip around the alphabet.

Many thanks to Roger and Denise for all their work.

They make this series fun.