Thursday, June 30, 2022


 Maybe I just don't know what to post any more..

Haven't been very photo prompted so this is what it is today...

An archived photo from several years ago.

No deep down meaning.  I guess I like to take pictures from unusual angles sometimes.

I'm so glad our weather has cooled off a bit.  It's going to make the day a whole lot more enjoyable.



Wanda said...

Hi Sue. I love horses, even though I've never been around them or rode them. But we love to watch horse movies and old TV series about horse.
I havent posted in such a long time, Sue, but I did today to document our June Journey. It will let you know a little of whats been going one.
Love you and Dave and long for a time we could be together in person again. We talk of you often and miss you much.

Hootin Anni said...

Wishing it would cool down here in the coastal bend of Texas! Jealous, I am.

With a picture like this you are bound to STIRRUP smiles.

Ginny Hartzler said...

An interesting angle, for sure. I picture this one being snapped by a vet as he worked on the horse's feet.

MadSnapper said...

This horse has got great legs and I love the curly he's hanging off the back of his leg above the h o o f

Ruth Hiebert said...

This is a creative shot. It caused me to take a long look and appreciate the uniqueness .

sandy said...

nice shot ...Beautiful horse legs.