Tuesday, November 30, 2021



This evening we will have company coming.

Its our annual holiday potluck dinner for our bible study group.

I finished the tree at 12:30 AM and now its on to the rest of the "debris"

as Linda Chapman would say.

A lot has to happen in the next few hours but it will be fun..it always is...

Hopefully I will post a few photos tomorrow.

This picture is our sunset from several nights ago.

I thought it was spectacular.

Okay...until tomorrow...

Over and Out !


jel said...


hope you have a good time

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your sunset is gorgeous, and the trees add to it. Can't wait to see your dinner photos, and maybe a pic of the tree as well.

Hootin' Anni said...

Yes, definitely don't forget to take photos of everything! Sounds like fun...except for the gawd awful hour to finish.

Linda said...

I love that you use the word ‘debris’ too! Louis Dean started that and it’s so appropriate! Pretty debris!
I love Party Days! On the 10th I’m hosting my cousins and siblings and maybe a daughter or even two! Perhaps I’ll have a small luncheon tea the next week for a few ladies.
I’m truly enjoying the decorating part of the season and hope to be completely finished in a few days. For some ridiculous reason? I had scheduled a trip to see Granddaughter Chandy but realized I simply don’t have the bandwidth to part with six days of December. I’m purposely trying to let go of some things, slow down and not expect so much of myself this Christmas season. Less Martha and more Mary…..

Marie Smith said...

Have a wonderful evening, Sue.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Beautiful sunset. Hope you have a wonderful time with your friends.

MadSnapper said...

as I read this, The Party's Over. I await the photos of your party and decorations. beautiful sunset, hope the guest had one to stare at

Wanda said...

Hi Sue ~ Long time no see. My computer was down for the month of November...Wasn't conecting to wifi. Back in business, thanks to my daugher that healed the prooblem.
I can't wait to see your decorations, and I guess a lot of Linda's friends use the "debris" word now. HaHa She's famous.
We have the Annual Inspection of Villa Ramona today, so I've been deep cleaning. They could show up anytime from 9 am to 4 pm. So we just sit and wait...haha.
Because of the inspection, I didn't take down Fall decorations...but will get that done in the next few days. I did change my blog face to Christmas! That's a start.
You are a great hostess...know your party will be wonderful.