Monday, September 13, 2021



Feelin' kind of Dopey today !!

This weekend had both its ups and downs...

Mostly ups but I am sort of tired today.

My Eldercare time was more difficult than usual.  Lynne was having some health issues.

The emotional drain can take it's toll.  All is better now ... PTL ...

Dave and I also help out a gentleman by doing a lot of his paperwork and typing long email letters.

He has some big time tremors from a brain injury.  Many times he can't control his arm movements to accomplish simple things.

He is a very negative and deep down inside angry person.  I do a lot of praying before going over there.

The UP side is he buys us groceries as a thank you for helping him.

I've learned so much about myself doing this...

The UP part of the weekend was attending a pancake breakfast.  It was put on at the fire station by our local firemen.  They sure can cook up a storm.

Fun times and I like supporting our local people.  The best part was the 2 young guys we sat across from while eating.  The 17 year old young man and his younger brother were so interesting to talk to.

We found out we had much in common .. Both Dave and I said later that hearing him talk gave us the first real hope for future generations.

I can't believe I never took a photo or asked their names.  The older kid wants to join the Air Force and do humanitarian work like disaster recovery.

Last night our older son Steve and his wife took us out for supper.  We talked ninety miles an hour.

It was so fun to just sit and eat and visit.. Yummm.

If you have made it this far with my chattiness ... I will end with a few photos.

These are from the Photo a Day Challenges of the past week.


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Sandi said...

Do you think he is angry because of the brain injury? I mean, his brain is angry, not that he resents the injury, though that is probably true.

Hootin' Anni said...

Gorgeous blossom!! And yes, even tho we see & hear so much of the negatives, we can still hope for the future!!

You two are great humanitarians to help those in need!!

MadSnapper said...

I have at times been totally shocked when speaking with young men at the YMCA, how some of them are so very interesting and that they will even have a conversation with and older person. it does give me hope... you are a blessing to the man and your friend and in return you recieve blessings and a small income. I don't think I could do what you do, but i have had worse jobs in the past

Ruth Hiebert said...

I can understand that sometimes others can get us down, but it sounds like you are doing a great service to these folks. I'm glad you had some up time as well and even family time.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Your iris is stunning! I may have never seen a more beautiful one. What a full, fun, and interesting week you had! And you must have a lot of patience!

jel said...

Awesome shots.

will put him on my prayer list.
glad ya had a good weekend

jel said...

oh forgot to say I love Dopey! :)

jel said...

you have a good week too.

sandy said...

Nice to read you - you two are kind and helpful people.

Marie Smith said...

You two keep busy! That’s great! Love the photos!