Monday, August 02, 2021


 I don't know what to post today 


I will post another Photo Challenge from last week.

If you are on my FaceBook you have already seen it...but here it is...


This is a favorite of mine.

I like the shadows and textures.

This poppy has such a Sunny face.

California Golden Poppies

Happy first week of August..


jel said...

love them ! and the sky shot , down below.
today is a very good day ! :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

These are WONDERFUL!!!! Like sunshne on earth. I have never seen the yellow ones.

Wanda said...

Hello Sweet Sue ~ I love when you don't have anything to post you find something wonderful from your archives.
When I don't have anything to's obvious! HaHa. Some days there is not enough time to think one up...and I know everyone is sick and tired of my "cooking"!
Don was able to go to church Sunday...two Sunday's in a row! Of course it poops him out for the next day...but worth it. We need each other and I think one of the worst things of this pandimic is the isolation.

Sure wish we could travel....but hopefully sometime when summer is over and it's cooler weather. And if my dearest is up to it!! God knows..and I'm OK with that.
Give Dave our love too.

Ruth Hiebert said...

Thanks for posting these beautiful flowers. We used to have a large patch of them in the on our country yard. I sure do miss those bright splashes of color.

diane b said...

They are beautiful.

Hootin Anni said...

Stunning. Absolutely stunning.

Marie Smith said...

Love that first photo especially. Such pretty poppies in their golden dress!

MadSnapper said...

THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!! i like the yellow better than the red poppies. have never seen either red or yellow with my own eyes. we are fine, no walk yet today and it is 9:30, flash boom pour down since 6:30, the flashes were on our roof and yard. still drizzling but am chicken to walk in case the flashes are lurking.