Friday, December 28, 2018


We almost didn't have any photos of Christmas morning at our house.

It felt like we had already had the celebration a week or so earlier.

It still was a fun day minus some Grands and one son and his family.

I managed to snap a few of us opening the goodies in our stockings.

Granddaughter Amanda and her treasures.

Son Steve

Fun and anticipation for gifts.

And that was the extent of my picture taking!

I really can't believe that's all!

I have to include my younger son's family photo.

We missed them but are so grateful for Facebook and face-time.

Hopefully we will all be able to be together in the coming year.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your last picture is a real beauty. The girls are gorgeous! I love your red couch!!

Sandra said...

looking at the people I totally missed the red couch, saw Ginny's comment and now I love it to and also like her love the last photo. your family is beautiful, all of them. glad you got a few photos..

Ruth Hiebert said...

Lovely pictures. I only snapped one picture of our Christmas celebration.That is not how I usually work.