Monday, November 19, 2018


Thank you for all your love and concern.

The fires to the north of us have been terrible.

We are grateful that as of today our family has just been able to go back to their homes.

I feel guilty, in a way, to rejoice over their safety and homes still intact,

while so many have lost everything, and so many lives lost too.  77 at this time.

900 unaccounted for....unbelievable.

The air quality is a bit better down where we are 100 miles away.

I shot these two photos last Saturday.

The air was quite heavy by our home.

Photos taken at the old Roseville, California cemetery.

You can see the way the smoke hung down to the ground everywhere.



Ginny Hartzler said...

Your photos are beautiful, yet not natural and disturbing. I am so glad all is well. Do not feel guilty; God spared you and your family, and He loves thanks in all things! Be singing praises to Him!

Sandra said...

these fires continue to be heartbreaking with all the devestation left behind and so many people homeless and with no jobs.. I can't imagine living in tents or the streets and it will take years to re build

Shammickite said...

Good news that your family have been able to go back to an undamaged home, but so many people haven't been that lucky. 900 missing? I hope many of them have found a refuge from the flames.

kc bob said...

Beautiful photos Sue.

I have been, and am, so sorry for the losses that Californians have been experiencing.

This week I am giving thanks for those who are putting out the fires, consoling the afflicted and helping Californians rebuild.

And I am thankful for you and our virtual friendship.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and Dave.

Shammickite said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Day!