Thursday, June 14, 2018


I haven't done a Throwback Thursday for a while.

Back into the archives I go....

This is kind of the way I am feeling waiting for my doctor appointment tomorrow.

Photo from 2011.

I'm trusting that I will get scheduled for gall bladder surgery and that it won't be

a gloomy answer.

So I'm going to look on the bright side !

Don't forget to enlarge the photos.


Sandra said...

All three are beautiful photos I think the center one of the tunnel is my favorite but I do love yellow flowers too haha I'm feeling like a stone waiting good luck at the doctor

Michelle said...

Stay positive! You will get that surgery and be home the same day. All will be well!

Tom said...

...I hope all goes well for you!

Michelle said...

Thanks for taking the time to link up!

kc bob said...

Love that sunflower Sue!

Happy Fathers Day to Dave!