Monday, June 04, 2018


This has been a very busy weekend in our lives.

Our beautiful..both inside and out...granddaughter

graduated from high school.

I really don't know how these kids grow up so fast.

Here are a few photos from both the ceremony and our celebration afterward.

510 seniors from Granite Bay High School, Granite Bay, CA

graduated in the roasty toasty sunshine 10AM.

Amanda and her Mom celebrating after the ceremony.

Amanda and her "Bestie" for the past 10 years.

We call Olivia our "adopted" granddaughter.

We hosted the post grad party at our home.

Olivia's family made homemade wine yummy.

The lunch was catered by Chevy's...

The fajita bar was perfect..It fed over 80 people.

Lots of rounds and seating scattered through out the backyard.

Amanda and Olivia's friends,

Both immediate families and family friends...

Lots of laughter, conversation, and marathon eating....

So much fun....

Not great photos but a nice record shot of family trying to hunker in the shade

as the temps rose to almost 100F.

I'm so glad our yard is large enough to give everyone a place to sit and relax.

Our two granddaughters on the right and our "adopted" granddaughter on the left.

Love them all...with all my heart.

Precious Kiddos...


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your granddaughters are so beautiful! What a happy occasion! And thank goodness you had several large yard umbrellas for the got sun. What kind of career does she have in mind?

Shammickite said...

What a lovely event! Your yard is beautiful, lots of room for everyone to enjoy some food and conversation. I wish you had invited me too!!!!!!! All the young ladies are gorgeous in their pretty dresses.
That's a huge graduation ceremony, the school must be enormous. How many students go there?

Marie Smith said...

Such promise and potential! Congratulatios to all! You are a lucky grandma!

Sandra said...

about your comment. Venus and Mars... definitely. your girls both yours and adopted are beautiful as is all your family. so glad they could be safe and be with family to celebrate