Thursday, May 24, 2018


Here are a few photos from my archives.

The first one is of my Granddaughter.

Tonight is her final band concert.

How did she get to be old enough to be graduating High School?

A pretty iris from 2 years ago.

My Go-To  Happy Spot

Lake Tahoe

Sometimes I feel like I'm running around like a chicken with my head chopped off....

Thanks for diving back into my archives with me.

As always

Enlarging the photos shows more detail.


Sandra said...

your granddaughter is beautiful and I love her hair. my dad's mother had hair just like that, same color and she used to wear it piled up on top of head way back when.. time is for sure on fast forward. it is a shame someone broke the head off that beautiful statue...
per your comment on my post yesterday. I am battling the white flour craves this past week and of course eating hoagie bun and pizza just made them worse. flour and sugar do the same thing to me. I eat it I crave more and more.... you and I are keeping on keeping on with the battle and the battle NEVER stops...

Wanda said...

Sue, I always enjoy your archives. What a lovely like her grandma. They grow up so fast. We only have one left in High School, and Jon's a Senior. Then Issac and Matthew are 5th and 6th grade, and Tristan will start Kindergarten in Sept. All the rest...either working, in college or married...Wow.. Can't wait to see Jill and Tristan...June is just around the corner. Love and Hugs

Marie Smith said...

That gorgeous red hair! Beautiful!