Friday, April 06, 2018


I'm adding quite a few more photos from the Mexico Outreach.

The photos are mainly so I have them for the Blog book I have

printed at the end of the year.

Camp set-up.  Every thing has to come out of a 20x20 storage room, checked

counted and put into its proper place.

This year we had a HUGE refrigerator truck come in and keep all of our supplies

cold and fresh.

No critters dared to go in there!

Dear sweet Sherry kept up with all the towels everyday.

Towels used for washing , cleaning, as potholders and great mops.

We had a washing machine that got a great workout.

Don't you like our "Dryer".

I just have to post this one...Just because we have some great jokers on our team.

Morning at O' Dark 30...

We often gathered around the hot griddles to warm ourselves, drink a cup of coffee

and prepare for the day.

Chopping up the sausage links to be added to the scrambled eggs every morning.

This happened about 4:30 AM and had to be done before the eggs were started.

Reuben was the Drill Master.

This is how the eggs were beaten , then added to the pans you can see at the bottom

of the photo.

Here I am mixing the scrambled egg, sausage and cheese conglomeration.

Here is Angel at his Taco Stand.

He loves the kids and is always so happy to serve us delicious street tacos.

After eating at Angels we went across the street to the most wonderful ice cream


Of course our resident joker, Scott, had to get into the act and "help" out the


Scott always had something up his sleeve to make us laugh.

His mohawk doesn't show too well but he looked awesome.

One evening we served ice cream sundaes for dessert.

Nothing better than chocolate syrup and whipped cream to finish them off.

Great memories.


Wanda said...

Oh my goodness...what a project. Love your pictures as it gives us such a feeling of what goes on in your neck of the mission.

Wednesday night, a group of our people who did 8 Days of Hope in Huston TX repairing homes from the flood gave a report. God is working in so many places.

On the home front, he is answering prayers in our family too. Marc, a grandson just got a really good job where he will be able to have weekends off. He and his wife Amanda really want to be in Church.

Also see grown in the lives of some of the grandchildren, and in our adult kids too. God is so good.

Love and miss you!

Sandra said...

I can see just how much fun everybody was having love seeing the photos and reading about what y'all do down there it's good to post it so others that have never done that know what goes on plus it's a record of what you did. That conglomeration in the picture of you the eggs sausage cheese I could eat that would be perfectly legal yum yum

Shammickite said...

I think I would prefer my eggs and sausage to be served separately! If you were all up and preparing food at 4:30am, what time did you go to bed? You must have been so tired.

Shammickite said...

The people that you are feeding for the two weeks in Mexicali.... what are they doing for the rest of the year?