Saturday, March 17, 2018


The time has come again to make my annual trek down to Mexico.

Tomorrow morning I leave at O Dark 30....4AM!!

Its a long ride but so worth the effort .

Friendships are made that last forever.

Strengthening the bonds between the wonderful people of Mexico and ourselves.

Serving and giving help to some families that would continue to suffer otherwise.

1200 people strong.  Bayside Church.

Making a difference in us and hopefully in them too.

Everything is brought out of storage that has to be washed for the weeks we are there.

All this is done by our prep kitchen team.. (Me included)

Our sleeping arrangements before the Spartans arrive to put up all the big "Mash" tents.

Many, many pallets of food.

We buy it all locally in Mexico and prepare meals for our hungry 1200 people.

Washing a gazillion coolers and tubs that go out with various teams each day.

This is the kid's only source of fresh water when they are doing the work of

building homes, running festivals, games, etc.

Smokers we bring out of storage to use in the prep of brownies and other goodies

for dinner each night.

Lots of cans of pineapple for our Chicken Terriaki dinner.

Our fresh water supply and our refrigerator  truck.   True lifesavers for us.

Hopefully the fields around our compound will be harvested by the time we get there.

Can you say ACHOO if they harvest while we set up camp.

Fortunately the temps are suppose to only get into the 80'sF. full moon this year.

Okay, this is my final post..

See you in 2 weeks.

Enlarge the photos for more detail.


Ginny Hartzler said...

You are an angel! Blessings on your trip, I am sure you will return with many stories.

jel said...

safe trip!

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Shammickite said...

Have a wonderful trip, don't work too hard, take lots of breaks, make sure you have sufficient health insurance, don't drink dirty water. I sound like your mother don't I?

Sandra said...

I will be waiting to see/hear about this years trip. I must say all of this you showed us today is totally amazing. the smokers are at the top of the list, prayers for much to be accomplished by all of you and for a safe trip home in 2 weeks

Wanda said...

My dear servant friend Sue.... off on your mission trip. I love seeing all the preparations that go into a trip like this. So many hearts and hands working together. We will keep you in our prayers that you will be safe, healthy, and energized with God strength and power. Love you and your ministry.