Sunday, February 18, 2018


It seems we are in for a change in the weather.

The weather guys say snow in the mountains...

which we need so badly,

Maybe a sprinkle or two here in Rocklin, CA.

A cold blast is coming down from Canada

and we are in for frost and early morning temps around 30F.

Now that's just plain freezing for us delicate people.

Thanks for looking.

As always please enlarge the photos to see the detail.


Ginny Hartzler said...

The clouds look good so far. Us too. It was 70 the other day, now cold. Weird. In fact, the strangest winter I have ever experienced.

Sandra said...

I do love those bare trees against that blue sky. sorry you are getting more cold, but glad for the snow bringing moisture. we are having record high temps here, but comfy and beautiful, but all our grass is dead from lack of rain... beautiful to be outside, but FL doesn't look like it should at this time of year. we are waiting for the snowbirds to fly home and give us a little relief from over crowding

jel said...

I love watching clouds
nice shots

KC Bob said...

Warming up here in KC Sue. Love February. Spring is in the air! ツ

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