Sunday, December 31, 2017


The following photos are more for me and the memories

to be printed in my ShareBook for the year 2017.

When our older son and family returned from their trip

We were finally able to have Christmas together.

Not the greatest photo taken directly into the glare of the window.

We pretended it was Christmas morning and did breakfast, opened our stockings

from Santa, and then opened the special gifts from each other.

Even Snicker ( in her new haircut) got into the act.

When she's comfy and content her favorite place is on one of our feet.

10 years old and still thinks she's a puppy.

After breakfast the horses that are boarded in the acreage behind our son's home,

came to see what there was to eat.

It's nice to see these beautiful animals without having to deal with the daily care.

This horse seemed to be the Alpha of the group.

The other horses gave it plenty of room when it approached the fence.

The big gorgeous horse really wanted to come over the fence to get the apple.

This was so fun to watch and the weather was perfect.

I'm ending with the gorgeous photo my son took of 2 of our granddaughters.

Things are changing.  A new job in another state for one of them,

The other is graduating High School and turning 18 in a few days...

And this Grandma is getting older but so proud of all of her family.

I do wish our other son and his family could have been with us too.

Hopefully next year...


KC Bob said...

Happy New Year Sue from zero degree KC!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh, that gorgeous shiny red hair!!!! Wonderful pictures! And since you were all together opening presents with good food, it really WAS Christmas!

Sandra said...

the photo of your two granddaughters is absolutely perfect in every way. they are beautiful girls. i love the beautiful red hair, my dad's mother had hair that color. you know i love the horses and of course your grand dog.. a wonderful Christmas and I pray blessings for you and your family in this coming new year

Wanda said...

Christmas can be whenever you choose it to be. I love the family gathering and I didn't recognize Snickers with the new haircut. Love all the photos....Happy New Year, and Happy Birthday Dave. It's gonna be a good year..I can feel it!!!

Shammickite said...

Lovely that your granddaughter has inherited the red hair. My hair is red, my dad was red, and I have some red haired cousins, but my 2 sons were very blond as boys, and my 4 grandies are white/blond, no hint of red anywhere. Boohoo!
Lovely photos of your second Christmas with family.... and now all that remains is for me to say HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR, may 2018 be good to you and your family.