Monday, January 09, 2017


Here we ARE  AT  the 20th round of ABC Wednesday.

That's 10 years People!!!

It's been quite A ride.

A is for APPLE



This is what the Weather Guys ARE calling our storm here in Northern California.

Rapid and heavy downpours...snow turning to rain in the mountains.

That in turn increases the flooding dangers where we live.

These photos of our yard were taken while it was still light.

AS evening came the waters rose and flooded our yard ALL the way to the house foundation.

Hubby and I spent 2 hours , in the dark , sweeping out the water into the street

AND hoping the little pump we have would do the trick.

The pump had A very hard time keeping up with the AMOUNT of rain coming down.

Thankfully we got A respite and the water went down.

Tuesday the next ATMOSPHERIC River is suppose to flow into our AREA.


It's batten down the hatches and maybe I should just have AN  APPLE, 

or A pear.

Thanks for checking my blog out.


Sandra said...

we have been watching the flooding from all the rain, glad you are safe from it, looks like you are cold and raining, which to me makes it worse, prayers for your safety and for the pump to keep you dry

Marie Smith said...

Glad you had a reprieve. I hope when it rains again, it is in moderation.

Hildred said...

Our rain comes down as snow. Lots of it...... It is a beautiful distraction and doesn't present too many pitfalls. I hope your flooding will stop, and that your valiant pump keeps up the good work until it does.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh gosh, what an awful forecast! Do you have a basement? If so, I hope it didn't get water in it. So sorry this has happened to you!

carol l mckenna said...

Intriguing photos ~ hope you are safe and dry ~

Wishing you a Happy Week ahead ~ ^_^

Shammickite said...

Does all this rain mean that the lakes and reservoirs are filling up again? I know you were experiencing drought conditions. I hope your house is a bit dryer now.... but keep the umbrella handy!!!

Roger Owen Green said...

nice forecast!


DeeDee said...

I hope you have enough food supplies.
That rain looks very serious in the days to come

Indrani said...

Hope the rains subside and there are no floods.
Happy ABCW!

Leslie: said...

Awful...almost or as bad as our weather here in Vancouver, Canada. We've had so much snow and Arctic temperatures that people can't get to work because of the icy roads and sidewalks. Very unusual weather for here as yours is, I'm sure, in your area. Hope things improve overall.

abcw team

Katie Eggeman said...

CA doesn't do things by half measures. Very dry or wet!

Anita said...

I saw the situation on the news this evening. Unfortunately, we all get our turn at some nature causing disaster. I hope your home doesn't incur any damage.
Happy New Year!

Melody Steenkamp said...

Great post for A, I do hope though that all the water goes where it has to go without doing any damage

Have a nice ABC-Wednesday / _ Week
♫ M e l ☺ d y ♫ (abc=w=team)

Ann said...

I know you have needed water for such a long time, hopefully it will thin out.