Wednesday, September 30, 2015



I'm posting this photo of myself ... mostly

To have a record of this for my end of the year photobook.

This is me at around age 10.

Approximately 1950.

I think my cousin Bill took this picture when he came to visit with our family.

It is fun to look back on memories from long ago.


Indrani said...

This is precious! I am glad I got to see you from then. :)

Small Kucing said...

and it's already turning to be a young lady :)

Kathleen's Blog said...

What a little lady you were....that's adorable :)

Sandra said...

it is fun to look back, even to look back on others photos like this one. I had that exact same blouse. they were so popular. to bad we can't send some of the east coast flood waters to your drought and to get the lake at Tahoe back where it belongs.

LC said...

Such a sweet photo! And the 10-year-old version of yourself, looks so much like Delores, one of my elementary school classmates in the 50s.

Shammickite said...

Such a lovely photo! So glad you posted this.

Mrs. Me said...

I can see a bit of Amanda in this photo of your 10 year old self. ;)