Saturday, December 14, 2013


This post was suppose to be for ABC Wednesday, letter V.

We ended up having a mini VACATION and celebrating our
upcoming 50th Wedding Anniversary.

Where did we spend this VERY special time?

At Disneyland and their exclusive restaurant called Club 33.

My computer has been giving me fits again.

The pictures are not loading correctly and these seem to be out of

"Gonna" post them anyway!

Please ENLARGE the photos.  The detail really shows when you

Our trip was just too magical to not share these few photos with

We love the traditions of The Park at this time
of year.

The VARIED colors and decorations just make me
feel happy.

Well here goes nothing!
Pushing the publish button.


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LC said...

Happy 50th and wishing you many more to enjoy. And thank you for sharing your celebration and mini-vacation. You and your husband are special!

Sandra said...

Happy Happy 50th Anniversary... and all the photos are perfect and sharp and clear and beautiful... love the Mickey and Minnie little cakes.

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Good on you two for 50 years together. We've got 5, or is it 6, no maybe 4, years to go to catch up with you guys. I better get this figured out before then.

Ginny said...

They are beautiful! Happy belated 50th!!!

Hilary said...

Belated Happy 50th to the two of you! You must have been toddlers when you got married. ;) Wishing you many, MANY more years together.

What a fun way to celebrate. I love how the castle looks.

KC Bob said...

Fun pics Sue!

Anonymous said...

Happy belated anniversary! Wow, this year I've seen so many blue Christmas decorations!

Reader Wil said...

Many belated congratulations with your 50t h weddinganniversary. You are a very blessed couple.