Friday, July 27, 2012


Here are several photos from yesterday's trip to the Angora Burn
Area of Lake Tahoe.
There really can be beauty from ashes.

Don't know the names of these flowers but they were so pretty
poking their way up from the charred forest.

Enlarging these photos will show more detail.

Making this one bigger will help you see how lovely and quiet it was
in the forest.
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Gail Dixon (Louisiana Belle) said...

Nice to see life return to the burned areas. The first photo is very beautiful, even though the trees are charred.

KC said...

Perfectly captured! Beautiful isolation, it does look like a peaceful place.

Have a great weekend.

Sandra said...

i did enlarge and they are wonderful. that yellow bursting forth from the char is gorgeous. i have heard that a burn like this is good for the forest that it makes it come back healthier. of course it kills the big trees and the wild life.

Wanda said...

Love that you and Dave take day trips... you are just the cutest couple, and do so many things together...I can't wait to be with you guys.

Karen Schmautz said...

Your photos are always so colorful and in perfect focus. Love them all.

tsduff said...

Hi there - I am touring the blog world after a millennium away... nice to see your photos again.

Dave said...

Forests can be fun to walk in. This burned one must have been a bit sad to see until the new life began to come back Sue - Dave

Hilary said...

So sad to see charred remains but always encouraging to see the earth renew itself. Lovely photos, Sue.

LC said...

The contrast of charred trees and vibrant blossoms are life-affirming images of life continuing.