Friday, April 01, 2016


Well a not so nice cold has again invaded my nose.

This is the kind of souvenier I'm not fond of having.

So it's back to the archives to add a little cheer to the weekend.

These photos were taken at the San Francisco Rose Garden a few years ago.

Don't forget to enlarge them.

I can almost smell them from here....

that is, if my nose wasn't so plugged.

The detail is so beautiful on these flowers.

Have a great weekend.


Marie Smith said...

The orange roses are spectacular. You are right, you can almost smell them.

Sandra said...

so beautiful and this is my first time seeing the orange at the end. i am glad you showed the backside of the roses. i think the back is as pretty as the front, just different. my post yesterday was archives... i posted it the first time in April 2012... i am a fan of archive diving and sorry you came home with a cold

Wanda said...

Oh so sorry you got that stuffed nose. I always think I sound like Willie Nelson when my nose is plugged~~~
Hope soon you will be back to your sweet self. Love and Hugs.

Sandra said...

about our bed. it is high and dual king and i have to run around it many times to make it up. i consider it my first exercise of the day. when i step out of bed i make it up. i can't stand to walk in the room and see it not made up. i potty first and make the bed, 365 days a year

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