Thursday, March 03, 2016


I was looking at some old photos and thought I would share these.

They are from November 2005.

My two sons and the younger one's kids are the stars of the show.

The kids sure grow up fast.


Marie Smith said...

Precious memories. Great photos.

Marie, LMB said...

Real live band members in your family. lol
Yes they do grow too fast. =0)

Sandra said...

that little one is most probably a teen by now or close to it. you captured this memory for him to jog his fond memories

Wanda said...

Oh Sue, how fun to see your boys...How they grow...sending hugs. I took a deep breath....and did a post...HaHa Something happened at the grocery store I wanted to share.

KC Bob said...

Fun pics Sue.

Hilary said...

Very cute. They grow WAY too fast.. sigh!

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