Thursday, October 29, 2015


Our neighbor's rose bush is at it again.

The blooms are so beautiful.

No color boost was needed for this rose.

Gorgeous right out of the camera.

Remember to enlarge the photo.

It really shows the blossom in all of its glory.

I love the pink outline on this one.

Grateful my neighbor has such lovely roses on the border between our yards.


Sandra said...

that second one is awesome. the yellow center with the rose colored blush and the photos shows every beautiful detail

Coy Hill said...

Hi Sue! So good to hear from you! Your roses are stunning! Around here most of our flowers are done for the year. The only ones I recall seeing in my roaming's today were witch hazel and a few fall blooming dandelions. I'm glad to see you are still keeping up the blog and just a beautiful as ever!

Kate said...

How much fun it must be to enjoy the beautiful flowers without having to do the work!!