Saturday, August 22, 2015


Our church had a Gala Night honoring all the volunteers that are necessary to help the place run so smoothly.

There was a red carpet entrance for everyone attending.

We were all interviewed and asked typical Oscar Night questions like...

What designer created our outfits.

I said Prada...should have said Target (French pronunciation)....

I think my Hubby looks so Dapper.

My beautiful Granddaughters and Daughter in Law.

Glamour was the word for the night.

What a fun night and such a wonderful way the Church recognizes the value of all it's Volunteers.


Wanda said...

Dahling ~ I adore your dress, and your dearest....what a handsome hunk~~ What a great thing your church does to recognize it's volunteers. Your granddaughters are so pretty, as is their mom.

What a fun look so stunning.

Sandra said...

HA ha on Targeeee.. you all look festive and beautiful. i am glad they let everyone that came walk that red carpet..