Monday, July 14, 2014


I love living on the edge of Suburbia and Ranch /Farmland.

After a trek out to a disappointing peach farm open house,

We decided to just wander for a while.

This barn caught my eye and we fortunately had a place to stop on the side of the road,

so I could take a few photos.

Don't forget to enlarge the photos to see all the detail.

I like the old wagon wheel and tall weeds around the place.

Couldn't capture the bees that loved the thistle.

Loved the color among the weeds.

Thanks for stopping by.

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Sandra said...

I would love to wander in that barn and see what else is hidden in there. my favorite part of the barn pic is the vines on the roof.. that thistle is beautiful... that is a really tall opening in the barn, i am pondering on the why of it... great shot

Ginny said...

I know thistles are the bane of gardeners, but I find the attractive! The barn is a great catch!!

Shammickite said...

That's a lovely old place, just right for a talented photographer like you!

Sandra said...

108???? yowsa.... men and their toys are always "serious'...
i like the red poinciana best but the gold is beautiful to

Kate said...

Barns and farms make wonderful photos!!

Wanda said...

Can see that photo of the barn and wagon wheel on your wall. Beautiful.

LC said...

These capture the spirit of the joys of taking time to just wander. Well done, and thanks for taking us along!