Monday, June 23, 2014


WELL, last WEEK'S letter " W " on ABC WEDNESDAY has come and gone.

I WILL try to make it up by WORKING a few W photos into this WEEK'S mix.

Today WE are concentrating on the letter " X ".

I think this first picture is self eXplanetory.

Of course so is this sign.

"X" for the Railroad Crossing.

This is WHAT has been keeping me so busy lately.

I am again volunteering for our Church summer camp called Breakaway, 

The Big Adventure.

Everything is oversized.  Lot's of fun and lots of WORK.

We baked, spread melted butter, topped with cinnamon and sugar and bagged 2200

pretzels.  The kitchen smelled so good.

One of the eXtremely gratifying things our Church does is it includes everybody.

Every special needs kid has their own buddy and they can do any activity offered.

Don't you love the eXpression on his face?

He is having the time of his life.

There are plenty of outdoor activities to WEAR the campers out and the volunteers too.

Even in our  drought we managed to have lots of WATER eXcitement  for all.

Of course all this fun is intermingled with wonderful Bible stories and plays.

Thanks for letting me share my busy time with you.


Ginny said...

That little boy is so happy. And you are a hard and tireless worker for the Lord!

Sandra said...

yummm and everyone looks so happy. this is really a fun camp.. this is so much more important than blogging.. glad to see you here again...

Anonymous said...
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Ann said...

Oh MY goodness, our VBS is called "Breakaway" and has been for a few years. We just did ours last week.
I think the camel crossing is funny.

Leslie: said...

We call it VBS (Vacation Bible School) here. I used to be very involved in it up to a few years ago. Looks everyone is having a fabulous time.

abcw team

Susan Moore said...

Looks like you had plenty of fun!

AmitAag said...

Wonderful 2-in-1 post:)

Indrani said...

Lots of fun here. :)
I like the way you wove the words.
Happy ABCW!

Roger Owen Green said...

Where do you bake such a large pretzel?!


Shammickite said...

That is a GIANT pretzel! I hope they weren't all that size!!

KC Bob said...

LOL. You had me at Camel Crossing Sue!

Lmkazmierczak said...

Summer is supposed to be somewhat busy...enjoyed looking through your post.

Nana Jo said...

I love the joy on that little boy's face. A delightful post which feeds the soul.

Trubes said...

Wonderful post and so rewarding that you and your friends do such marvellous work with the children.
You certainly go that EXTRA mile to do such good work, I admire you all,


retriever said...

Lovey fotos, greeting from Belgium

Lou said...

Have a nice summer!.