Monday, August 19, 2013


Here is the not so FUNNY story about our FLAG.
UnFORTUNATELY this happened at just the time that the letter
" F " was on ABC Wednesday.

Our FLAG had been in our FAMILY  FOR over 60 years.

Last week it "FLEW the coop"

We came out and realized that the FLAG and the pole it was
hanging FROM were gone.

Who steels an American FLAG  FROM in FRONT of
someone's house?

My Hubby printed this sign. We put it on the FRONT yard lawn .

And now the rest of the story.

A lady decided to take a different street to go to work last

She saw our sign and parked her car and came to our door.

She said she was so sorry that someone would do that and
She sells FLAGS at her Company.

Much to my surprise, she said that she would give us a new
FLAG and pole.

Just because.....

FOR a FEW hours after that encounter I kept thinking why does
she look FAMILIAR?

I FINALLY realized that she lives in our neighborhood, we go to the
same church and once quite a while ago we had been to the same
dinner party FOR mutual FRIENDS.

So as you can see, my Hubby made an additional sign to thank
her and her generous company.

I think inspite of the thievery, it's quite a FEEL-good story
that's not a FABLE, but 100% true.

I will end this post with a FUNGUS among us.

Don't FORGET to check out what others have posted FOR " F ".

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Ginny said...

Well, this is an amazing story with a great ending! I am surprised that you have been flying the flag so long, it must have been out of the sun. Ours barely last two years!

Hilary said...

Well that's an unpleasant part one of the story. I can think of another appropriately lettered word to describe those who stole your flag but I know you have a respectable blog. ;)

Kate said...

Isn't it odd what people will steal? I often think that it's kids, getting into mischief. Not nice, but better than stealing cars and gunning down other kids.

It makes a FUN story and a reunion with a FRIENDLY neighbor. Kate, ABC Team

Sandra said...

F is for Fantastic Story..and I am truly amazed that someone had the nerve to steal your flag. i love both signs..and the Fungus is awesome looking.

finding friends from flown flags... how is that for using the letter.

Nanka said...

This story has left me totally flabbergasted. Anyway why would anyone want a sixty year old flag!! I don't really like people cutting up flags to make clothing, hope it is flying high somewhere as the sign says!!

Wanda said...

Sue you and Dave are such CLASS people the way you handled your deep loss the family flag. And to have someone you knew at a distance..make a generous jester with your new flag. It's not too late..someone may feel guilty later on and return your original flag. Love you guys so much who live your faith daily.

Indrani said...

Amazing story!

Meryl said...

Fabulous tale!!!!

Reader Wil said...

Wow! That is a very beautiful story!A nasty trick turns out to be a blessing in disguise!
Have agreat time with your new friendly neighbour.
Wil, ABCW Team.

Rajesh said...

Interesting experience with the flag going missing.

Roger Owen Green said...

What a fiend! but a FINE FINISH.

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Ann said...

There are good patriotic people out there and your neighbor did such a good thing. Don't know why people take what they do!!

Joy said...

A story of both sides of human nature, who would steal a flag. I'm glad you gained rather than lost in the end. What a marvellous climate you must live in to have a 60 year old flag our westerly winds would shred it.

Leovi said...

An amazing story about the flag! I hope you did not steal more!

Photo Cache said...

a story that ended well. except my comment didn't contain an f word :(


Hazel Ceej said...

Yeah, I think so too. I thought flags were things that do not get stolen :) You have a nice neighbor.


Anonymous said...

Great uplifting story. Perhaps those who stole your flag really needed one for some reason and it provided a path to renew your acquaintance with your generous neighbor.
I love the signs too!

Carver said...

What a great story. Too bad about the thief but great the lady was so nice about giving you one. Carver, ABC Wed. Team

Hildred said...

Nice that everything turned out well in the end and that you re-found a friend. I can see someone stealing your flag (bounders) but the pole!!!!!

imac said...

God helps those who help themselves comes to mind here, well done

Lise said...

We lived in a crazy world (there is an f word I could plug in here but I don't think it would be funny for some), how terrible for someone to steal your flag. But I love what happened as a result, perhaps that's the way it was supposed to be!

Suzy said...

Thank God for people with big hearts. Loved your take on the prompt.

Suzy at SomedaySomewhere