Thursday, November 08, 2012


Our Papple Tree is doing something a bit strange and different this year.
It's a tree divided.
One half of the tree leaves has turned yellow and on the same trunk,
the other half has stayed mostly green.
Today the yellow half is almost bare, leaving its colors on the ground.
I guess it is because of the grafting of apple and pear.
In the 5 years we have lived here it has never done this before.
Please ENLARGE the picture to really see the division.
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Sandra said...

my first ever PAPPLE tree, did not know they existed. i did enlarge and the detail is amazing. love the tree and the whole photo

Wanda said...

Is the YELLOW side the Pear??? My dad was a master of tree grafting.

We had an apple tree with 3 different varieties on it, and a peach tree with freestone and cling. I miss that man!!!

imac said...


LC said...

Interesting split personality. And now I have learned what a papple tree is. Does it bear split personality fruit?