Saturday, June 26, 2010


Friday was our final time for our church's summer camp called BREAKAWAY TO THE ARCTIC FREEZE.
Over 3000 kids attended in 3 different sessions. We had 1800 volunteers to help with the amazing program.
Even though the temps were in the 80's an iceberg or two could be sighted around the campus.

This was some of the wall decoration in the 4 year olds art room.

Not the best picture but I wanted to show these bouncing, happy 4 year olds singing and doing lots of hand motions to the songs led by some amazing workers. I believe there were around 200 - 4 year olds( total )in the day sessions and just a bit less in the evening session. That is a lot of little 4 year old kiddos.
The 4 year olds had their own rooms, separate from the older kids, for their activities, story time, theme plays and outdoor play area. It really makes for a safe and fun learning environment . They especially loved the water play and using their outside voices.

Isn't he a cute decoration? The art room was just a delight to see
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Beverly said...

That is so awesome. That's all I can say.

Freda said...

Love the Aquamarine penguin! It all sounds great fun. Wonderful to share in young children's enthusiasm for life. Every Blessing.

Wanda said...

Oh that is darling...Love the Theme.

We start VBS in our little church Monday with a Theme of Route 66 and going from destinations of worship, salvation, growth...etc.

Sandra said...

love the photos and especially the penquin decoration. shuddering at the thougth of 200 2 year olds in one room. i bet they loved the singing. 3000 is mind blowing and I agree with Bev, awesome.

Olivier said...

j'adore la premiere photo, de l'ours blanc sur la balise

ChrisJ said...

Wow! That was some VBS! Ours starts this week. The theme is archeology I think.

Hilary said...

That's wonderful. You're always involved with the most interesting endeavors.

LC said...

What a ministry! Loved the energy your image captured of the four-year-olds in motion. Also especially liked your closer "W" windmill photo that was more of a closeup. Something about that sky and the colors in the structure.

Anonymous said...

Amazing Breakaway to the Arctic Freeze .... You have an inspired our church ..... For 2012 Crossroads in Fremont on July 16 through July 20 will be having an extremely icing time!