Friday, March 03, 2017


Last week we were taking some photos at the Sacramento City Cemetery.

It wasn't quite Springtime yet in most of the areas.

We did capture an occasional blooming tree though.

I'm so glad we have had a few days of gorgeous weather...

Here comes the weekend and rain, colder temperatures and snow in the mountains again.

That will make the snow count over 565 Inches of the white stuff.

They are saying that the ski resorts will be open until July 4th!!


From drought to too much water!


Marie Smith said...

Beautiful photos! Love the blossoms. Amazing amount of snow. Sounds familiar.

Sandra said...

We have always said feast or famine and that stands for drought heat anything related to weather and also the money or bad things or good things happening. I just was glad to see Lake Tahoe back to normal maybe all that snow will help with that too

Ginny Hartzler said...

Gorgeous cemetery picture!! Surely you have not have over 500 inches of snow????!! We have had almost none. It has been like summer, now freezing with wind that cuts right through you.

Rat said...

Nice captures.