Thursday, July 07, 2016


We have just had two very special friends staying with us for a few days.

They have such servants hearts.

Don and Wanda helped Hubby and I prepare and serve dinner

For the American Motorcycle Challenge...50 states....15,000 miles.....30 days!

That's a lot of miles on the back of a motorcycle!

One cycle.

It was a honor to be a part of the event.

My Hubby and Don slaving over a hot grill.

Dear Wanda serves up a mean bag of chips...

I sure miss them.

Thank goodness October isn't far away!


Ginny Hartzler said...

Not quite your hubby or friend part of this event? Is it over now? The food looks great!

Ginny Hartzler said...

Thanks so much for explaining!

Marie Smith said... of the great joys of life!

Sandra said...

wow, that is a long way on a bike or a car... it is great to have friends like these

Wanda said...

Our time together just went TOO fast!! We love being with you, and I cherish each time we get to stay in your B&B. The best, still enjoying the basket of goodies. I can't believe I'm having trouble finding "SureJel" ~ Doesn't anyone make jam and jelly these days. I'm sure I will find it next week and get those plums made into some pretty jars of jelly.

We are looking forward to October too. I just started posting about the trip...Doing it a day at a new pace. HaHa. Love and Hugs.

Merisi said...

Friends are the true jewels, enriching our lives.

Rebeckah Leatherman said...

I love that you have such dear friends. Isn't it so much better to have a friend by your side on the road of life? So much better! I would like for Kaishon and I to come and meet you one day. That would be splendid!

Thank you for always serving and being such a great example to me. I appreciate you.

KC Bob said...

Love the thought of you all working together Sue.

Jesh StG said...

Hello Sacramento-suburb friend! thanks for visiting me. You have a beautiful grand daughter. I agree with Merisi - long time friends are hard to come by! Love your A's:) Have a great week:)