Thursday, February 25, 2016


I thought I would post a few photos from 2011.

These are from my first Mission Trip to Mexicali, Mexico.

Everything is always such a huge project to feed so many people.

Doing this type of work allows me to chat and get to know new friends.

I have to say we eat pretty well down there.

Lots of Team Spirit.

That has not changed.  The same today as in 2011.

I am really looking forward to going back to serve again

In just a few short weeks from now.


Marie Smith said...

Great that you found something that you enjoy so much. It will be very rewarding I'm sure. How exciting for you!

Sandra said...

everyone looks so happy and the food looks wonderful, now i want watermelon. yum

Wanda said...

And I thought you were slowing down...HaHa. I know you love your mission trips, and what a blessing you are to those you work with. That looks like lots of good food. That's important when you are working so hard on mission projects. I will try to message you later tonight. Sending Love and Hugs...

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