Thursday, November 05, 2015


Since yesterday was my birthday

I decided to post a photo taken of my Mom and me.

The back of the picture says I was 16 days old.

Times were tough and there was very little money.

Consequently baby pictures were few and far between.

The photo was taken at our housing at Marin City, CA.

My Dad worked at the Marin City Shipyards.

He welded the big war freighters.

I think my Mom looks so lovely in this shot,

and pretty good for just having given birth,

Don't you?


Sandra said...

she looks wonderful and you look adorable. we were born in a different era, much different and had so little. and we survived it well. belated happy birthday

Linda said...

that is a precious picture, love it!

Marie Pretty Smith said...

Your Mom would be in style today with that coat. Love her hair too. Such a great picture, a real treasure. Adorable baby! Belated best wishes!

Wanda said...

So precious Sue. Love your TBT pictures.

Shammickite said...

Your birthday is Nov 4???? Mine too! A really gorgeous mother and baby picture. So glad you have it! I have some of me as a baby being held by assorted relatives, but only one with me with my mum.